AVer Unveils Powerful OCR for Visualizers to Streamline the Way Educators Manage Lesson Materials

AVer Information Inc., an award-winning provider of education technology and Pro AV solutions, announced the launch of an advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature within its AVerTouch software designed exclusively to connect via USB to AVer Visualizers (document cameras). With a simple free-trial or life-time license purchase, educators can unlock the power to convert graphical text, handwritten notes, diagrams, and other paper-based teaching materials into editable digital files, enhancing lesson preparation and fostering a digital resource library.

“AVerTouch transforms classrooms into dynamic spaces where teachers and students can interact more effectively,” said Stanley Cheng, Vice President at AVer Information Inc. “Now, with the introduction of the OCR function to automate the process of digitizing teaching materials, we’re freeing up valuable time for teachers to spend on what they do best — creating engaging lesson plans and connecting with their students.”

The powerful combination of AVer Visualizers, AVerTouch, and OCR technology raises the bar for lesson prep efficiency by eliminating the time-consuming tasks of scanning, converting, and sharing documents:

  • Effortless Digitization: To complement existing lesson plans, teachers can capture images, convert text on paper documents into editable and searchable digital files, and export in various formats (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and images) with just a few clicks within AVerTouch.
  • AVer AI Technology: OCR uses advanced AI to deliver exceptional OCR results. Image processing gets smarter with AI, including automatic cropping, page orientation, keystone correction (fixing distorted images), edge fill (completing missing edges), and A3/A4 page size scanning.
  • Scanning Mat: Place documents on the scanning mat and get crisp, clear scans every time.The mat features A3/A4 alignment guides for perfect document placement, a cushioned surface for document protection, and a roll-up design for convenient storage and portability.
  • Streamlined Workflow: Store and efficiently organize OCR files locally on a laptop/PC, ensuring easy access and retrieval for future lessons. Images captured with AVer Visualizers also integrate seamlessly with Google Classroom, allowing for automatic backup and synchronization with Google Drive and the sharing of digital files instantly with students and colleagues.

Versatile discounted packages are available for purchasing a perpetual OCR license key bundled with various AVer Visualizer models (U50+, M11-8MV, F17+, and A30) and include the scanning mat.

Download AVerTouch to use the OCR function and start a 30-day free trial. Learn more about AVerTouch software at: https://presentation.aver.com/line/visualizers/avertouch