Nexperia sets target for Carbon Neutrality by 2035

 Nexperia is a rapidly growing global semiconductor company headquartered in the Netherlands, with over 60 years of history.  With its production of over 100 billion products per year the company recognizes the responsibility it holds towards the environment. In May this year, Nexperia has issued its first  Sustainability Report, taking stock of the company’s environmental footprint, social responsibility, growth ambitions and its significant role as an international industrial leader. Today, Nexperia proudly announces its target of achieving carbon neutrality, with full transparency and accountability.

By 2035, Nexperia is dedicated to achieving carbon neutrality in both its direct operational emissions (scope 1) and the indirect emissions associated with energy procurement for operations (scope 2). This transformative commitment necessitates a transition to 100% renewable electricity from guaranteed origin sources, powering all company operations and factories worldwide. Nexperia’s comprehensive sustainability program goes beyond just reducing scope 1 and scope 2 emissions but is ultimately striving to eliminate scope 3 emissions in the future. These represent the indirect emissions produced along the company’s global value chain.

Nexperia is a company driven by a strong commitment to innovation, specializing in the development of semiconductors that ensure energy efficiency for everyday products, enabling people around the world to power a better tomorrow. As part of this forward-looking approach, the company also takes a comprehensive view of its environmental, social, and governance (ESG) impact. With a sustainability roadmap and carbon neutrality targets, Nexperia fully embraces its responsibility to work towards a full green transition. As such, Nexperia not only plays its part to protect the planet but also enables others to contribute to the preservation of our shared future.

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