STMicroelectronics Showcases Innovations at SmartTech Asia 2023: From Smartcards to Microprocessors, eSIMs, and NFC/RFID Tags

STMicroelectronics, a leading force in smartcard technology, took centre stage as an Associate Sponsor at SmartTech Asia 2023, a premier trade fair in India. The event, held from September 13-15, 2023, at BIEC, Bengaluru, attracted participants from around the world and placed a primary emphasis on smartcard technologies, identification, authentication, and digital payments.

Dedicating its presence to the forefront of research and development in Connected and Sustainable security solutions, STMicroelectronics showcased its latest strides in RFID, IoT, biometrics, card and payments, and e-security at Booth SE11 in Hall 3 during the event.

Below is a comprehensive insight into STMicroelectronics’ pioneering contributions to secure and cutting-edge payment technologies.

STM32MP13 Microprocessor: Addressing High-Security Applications

Vinay Thapliyal, Group Manager – Technical Marketing, South Asia, Microprocessors Product Group, STMicroelectronics explained the newly launched STM32MP13 microprocessor family is designed to cater to applications demanding a high level of security, such as IoT devices and point-of-sale terminals where stringent security measures are crucial, especially when dealing with financial transactions. The processor, based on Cortex-A architecture, operates at up to 1 gigahertz and supports Linux, making it suitable for managing multiple applications and interfaces in high-end operating systems.

STM32MP13 MPU enabling strong security

Applications: For applications like point-of-sale terminals, the STM32MP13 microprocessors have undergone specific certifications, including physical level certifications and SESIP Level 3 certified. These certifications are crucial for customers engaged in high-security and high-cost applications, facilitating their qualification for higher-level certifications.

The processor supports various peripherals required for cost and IoT applications, making it versatile for use in devices like gateways, vending machines, and other IoT applications that need to connect to the cloud and perform computations.

Innovations in Payment Technologies

Metallic Payment Card

Experience a new level of sophistication with ST cutting-edge metallic payment card. This premium card, featuring the STPay solution, delivers a full metal encounter for our VIP customers, enhancing their status and elevating brand perception. With compatibility in ISO7816 and ISO14443 standards, advanced hardware cryptography (EDES, AES, RSA, ECC), and the secure ST31 MCU certified by EMVCO and Common Criteria, this innovative card promises a unique and secure payment experience.

Dynamic CVV Evolution

Dynamic CVV

Revolutionizing the card security with ST’s battery-less dynamic CVV solution, a collaborative effort with Ellipse. This groundbreaking technology automatically updates the static 3-digit CVV number with each EMV transaction, eliminating the need for batteries or clock timers. Enjoy enhanced security for both in-store and online transactions without relying on POS terminals.

Biometric Payment

Biometric Payment Solution

Embark on a secure and swift payment journey worldwide with ST comprehensive Biometric-System-on-Card solution. Developed in collaboration with trusted partners, this design incorporates the 40nm ST31N600 secure element, STM32L443 MCU, and advanced components from Linxens and Fingerprint Cards. With a custom sheet format from Linxens, this biometric solution promises secure, fast, and convenient payments.

Wearable Payment Innovation

Wearable Payment

Enter the future of payments with ST innovative wearable payment solution. The STPay application, integrated into a small form factor (2FF) contactless module, can be seamlessly mounted on various wearables such as watches, bracelets, and keychains. Featuring a 40nm ST31 certified hardware platform, support for major banking applications/payment schemes, and the STPay ST Secure Payment solution, this wearable payment solution offers unparalleled convenience and style.

ST4SIM – Enhanced eSIM Solutions for Secure M2M and IoT Applications

ST’s ST4SIM portfolio offers a range of eSIM solutions catering to secure Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) applications. The lineup includes GSMA-certified eSIMs with options such as basic configurations (ST4SIM-100), cryptographic variants (ST4SIM-110 / ST4SIM-111), GSMA SGP.02 compliant solutions (ST4SIM-200), and GSMA eSIM with eUICC (Embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Card) configurations (ST4SIM-201).

eSIM Connectivity

Tailored for IoT applications, the ST4SIM-S in the ST4SIM portfolio boasts JavaCard™ OS and GlobalPlatform® compliance, ensuring a secure foundation. Highly configurable, it offers seamless connectivity through trusted partners, featuring secure hardware with ST32H480 and ST33G1M2. With adaptable form factors like card plug-in, DFN 4 x 4.2 mm, and DFN 5 x 6 mm, it caters to diverse IoT needs, enhancing security and flexibility.

Crafted for M2M industrial applications, the ST4SIM-M in the ST4SIM portfolio adheres to JavaCard OS and GlobalPlatform standards, providing a scalable solution from basic SIM to GSMA eSIM. Supported by trusted partners, it meets industrial-grade JEDEC JESD47 standards. The eSIM incorporates secure hardware with ST32F512-M and ST33G1M2M, and offers versatility with form factors like card plug-in, DFN 5 x 6 mm, and WLCSP, ensuring adaptability to diverse industrial requirements.

ST25 NFC/RFID Tags: Contactless Solutions for Diverse Applications

The ST25T product family presents NFC/RFID ICs tailored for contactless applications, supporting both short and long-range communication (ISO/IEC 14443 A/B & 15693). These ICs feature EEPROM memory ranging from 512-bit to 64-Kbit.

NFC Tag Bag

The versatile ST25T NFC tags find applications in IoT devices and smart home & city scenarios, targeting diverse markets including luxury, pharmaceuticals, healthcare & wellness, wine & spirits, and more. Within the ST25 product family, the ST25TV Series is NFC Forum Type 5 compliant and includes features such as Augmented NDEF, Password Mechanism, and Tamper Detect. On the other hand, the ST25TN Series, NFC Forum Type 2 compliant, offers Augmented NDEF, Digital Signature, and Kill Mode functionalities, providing a comprehensive range of options to suit various NFC/RFID application needs.