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In order to meet the requirements of local laws and regulations, improve product performance and reliability, enhance the user experience and increase market competitiveness, EMC has become an important issue to consider when designing equipment. In the actual design process, the EMC test of the whole machine often fails to pass some of the EMC items, which leads to EMC rectification of the whole system. This not only wastes human and material resources but can also delay the equipment’s time to market.

Therefore, the EMC design of the whole machine during the development process is the most efficient way to improve the efficiency of passing the EMC test. However, each element of EMC protection, such as circuit design, filter circuit design, grounding design, PCB design, system design, etc., has a major impact on EMC performance. As the saying goes, leave it to the professionals. Fully considering the need for EMC design and choosing the right EMC auxiliary in the circuit of the important points are the most manpower and time saving method for an engineer to pass the equipment EMC test.

What are the types of EMC auxiliaries?

EMC includes EMI (electromagnetic interference) and EMS (electromagnetic sensitivity), EMC auxiliaries can be roughly divided into EMI filtering type, surge & pulse group suppression type, and so on.

Different EMC auxiliaries are used based on different electromagnetic compatibility requirements (or EMC standards) in applications. For example, EMI is mainly used with filtering, and EMS is mainly used with suppression. If you need to satisfy both EMI and EMS protection, select an EMC auxiliary with both.

How to select a right EMC auxiliary?

Before selecting EMC auxiliary, it is crucial to clarify the EMC standards of the entire system, as different industries have different industry standards, national standards, or international standards for EMC requirements. This means that the EMC auxiliary itself must also meet industry-specific requirements.

MORNSUN has authorized safety regulation laboratory, and also laboratories of reliability, EMC, etc., can independently complete testing for CE/CB/UL/CSA/TUV and EMC-related projects. With rich experience and in-depth understanding of the EMC protection requirements of various industries, MORNSUN provides reliable EMC auxiliary to meet the specific EMC requirements of different industries applications.

(1) Industrial Control: EMC Auxiliary with chassis mounting package: FC-LxxWx Series

In industrial control, surges in the power grid can affect the AC/DC power supply. In general, surge interference in the power supply circuit is around ±2kV DM (differential mode)/±4kV CM (common mode). However, in some complex outdoor environments, there are often extreme weather conditions that bring higher surge impact, resulting in failure of power modules and the back-end equipment may not work or even be damaged. Conventional AC/DC switching power supply comes with a surge suppression capability of only ± 2kV / ± 4kV, and can not meet the requirements of industrial control equipment used in hash environments.

Therefore, choosing a high-performance EMC auxiliary to be used at the front-end of the AC/DC switching power supply is an easy and fast way to improve the EMC protection level of the whole industrial control equipment system.

The MORNSUN FC-LxxWx series has a high surge immunity, such as the surge of DM up to 4kV and the surge of CM up to 6kV. Its high immunity to CM & DM interference of up to 55dB @ 20MHz / 75dB @ 10MHz, helps to improve the entire system to meet CISPR32/EN55032 CLASS B. In addition, it is available in a variety of packages, such as chassis mounting, DIN Rail mounting, can be used with AC/DC SMPS or AC/DC DIN Rail power supply. It can be widely applied to electric welding machine, photovoltaic inverter, motor inverter, UPS power supply, charging station, motor control and other fields.

(2) Telecom: Ultra-slim EMC Auxiliary: FC-LxxB Series

In the telecommunications industry, equipment such as switches requires the transmission and reception of high-frequency signals, which can generate certain EMI interference, affecting signal transmission quality. At the same time, it can also cause interference to other devices within the same power grid.

Outdoor communication equipment, such as base stations, operates in complex environments with high levels of surges. Conventional AC/DC communication power supplies typically only have surge suppression capabilities of 1kV/2kV, which is insufficient for these applications. Mornsun EMC filter FC-CxxB series has high immunity to CM & DM interference (CM/DM>65dB), and high immunity to a DM surge voltage up to 2KV and a CM surge voltage up to 4kV.

Additionally, communication equipment often requires the integration of multiple functions within limited space, placing strict requirements on the size of individual components. )Therefore, when selecting EMC auxiliary for communication equipment, it is necessary to pay attention not only to their performance parameters but also to their size. FC-CxxB series, with a universal footprint and ultra-slim brick package, meet the design space requirement well.

(3) Marine Industry: Compliance with CCS standard: FC-I-CCS series

For applications with strict reliability requirements, such as ships, wind power, railways, etc., special EMC auxiliary devices are needed. In the marine industry, for example, it is required that the entire system meets the classification society standard. However, it is difficult for conventional power supply designs to meet the requirements individually, so generally choose to add a classification society standard-compliant EMC auxiliary to directly improve the EMC level of the whole system to meet the application requirements.

In high-salt and high-humidity environments, EMC auxiliaries are also required to have anti-corrosion and anti-salt spray capabilities, which are beyond the capabilities of conventional EMC auxiliaries.

Mornsun FC-I-CCS series is designed to meet the GD22-2015 GD22-2015 10kHz – 30MHz, EMC1. It has a strong immunity to CM & DM interference (CM/DM>40dB) and a strong immunity to surge voltage in conventional circuits, such as the surge of DM up to 4kV and a surge of CM up to 6kV. Furthermore, it implements a double-sided conformal coating to achieve salt-spray-proof and corrosive-proof, making the equipment safer and more reliable.


As more and more systems become electronic and digital, the issue of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is becoming increasingly important. Many countries and companies are paying more and more attention to the safety of equipment, and the related regulations and standards of EMC are becoming more and more complete. As a professional power supply manufacturer, MORNSUN is committed to keeping pace with the development of various industries and providing them with one-stop solutions for power supplies with high stability, high anti-interference, and high electrical performance.

For more information, please visit www.mornsun-power.com

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