Menta Exhibiting Reliable, Disruptive Tech at GOMACTech Conference

GOMACTech 2024 - Conference dedicated to semiconductors used by the US Government - San Diego (CA), United States of America, from the 18th to the 21st of March 2024 - Stand 413

Menta, a pioneer of eFPGAs and a leading company in semiconductor design, is continuing to consolidate its position in the US defense market and will be presenting its IP eFPGA technology, which are core configurable blocks with the ability to perform any logic function. Working on several projects in the military space and aeronautics sectors, Menta’s eFPGA IP technology is certified for these sectors, and the company benefits from numerous collaborations across the country, such as the two years ago partnership with TSS (Trusted Semiconductor Solutions).

Andes Technology Corp, Codasip, Globalfoundries U.S. Inc, Rambus and Synopsys, Menta’s historic partners, will also be present at the GOMACTech Conference, illustrating Menta’s ability to surround itself with partners of excellence in order to implement its reliable and proven semiconductor technology, defying the competition.

« Our ability to offer breakthrough technologies thanks to our expertise and to our renowned partners sets us apart in a highly competitive US defense, space and aerospace ecosystem.

We are proud to represent technological excellence in the world’s largest military ecosystem. This recognition is the fruit of the work of our teams, who are constantly innovating and pushing back the boundaries of the microelectronics industry, as with our IP eFPGA successfully manufactured for more than 15 years. », said Vincent Markus, CEO of Menta.

Unlike other eFPGA vendors, Menta Inc. is the only provider to offer its IP technology in hard (GDS2) or soft (RTL) form. Using only digital functions based on standard cell libraries. It does not rely on SEU/SEL, prone SRAM memory cells for bitstream storage. As a result, Menta Inc. offers the most reliable eFPGA IP on the market, and the easiest and fastest to implement at any foundry and any technology node.