Embedded World 2024: Menta launches MOSAICS-LP, a revolution in the design of heterogeneous chips

Menta, a pioneer of eFPGAs and a leading company in semiconductor design and winner of the Best IP award in 2022, will participate in Embedded World 2024, the industry’s major event, alongside its partners, Andes, Codasip, IC’ALPS and Secure-IC.

The recently adopted Chips Act focuses on how to develop the semiconductor industry and reduce Europe’s dependence. This requires strengthening the technological and innovation capacity.

MOSAICS-LP, a game-changer in the semiconductor industry

To answer these challenges, Menta will be presenting for the first time its MOSAICS-LP platform, a revolution in the design of heterogeneous chips.

This platform is a response to the problems of manufacturing times and costs, which are crucial in these sensitive industries, since the solution developed by MOSAICS-LP reduces chip design and production times by a factor of 4 and cuts costs by a factor of 10, compared with current monolithic solutions. It also helps at reducing wastes and resources consumption.

This approach would enable Europe to significantly increase its chip design capacity and move closer to its objective of producing and designing 20% of the world’s integrated circuits.

According to Vincent Markus, CEO of Menta We participated in the debates during the elaboration of the CHIPS ACT. Now, it is our responsibility to constantly push back the boundaries of the microelectronics industry, representing technological excellence in the world’s most ambitious region about semiconductors. Also, it is our role to promote European chiplet industry doing so. Our MOSAICS-LP breakthrough is the fruit of the work of our teams, developed with the CEA-List, and we are proud of it.”

From eFPGA to infinity, and beyond!

Menta is the world leader and only European provider of embedded programmable logic.

Menta has customers worldwide, and its eFPGA IPs are now in chips for Defense, AI, security, 5G or IoT, etc. Menta is also working on RISC-V ISA and accelerators extension with partners like Andes and Codasip. In addition, Menta, with its eFPGA IPs, is a contributor to various European projects around satellites, AI imaging processing, computing extension and security.

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