Eurotech announces BestNet Display Port to HDMI cables

Eurotech Technologies, a leading provider of audio video solutions and connectivity products, today introduced BestNet display port to HDMI cables. Designed for high- performance transmission, BestNet display port to HDMI cables offer one DP (male) and one HDMI (male) connector and connects any display port equipped laptop or desktop computer to an HDMI television, monitor or projector, with no additional adapters or cables required.

Available in 1.5, 8 and 10 meters lengths the flexible design of cable enables users to choose the right cable length for custom installation needs and suitable for easy routing and deployment. The BestNet display port to HDMI cable supports UHD 4K 30Hz (3840×2160) and 1080p video, and maintains an incredible 4K picture quality. The cables are also backward-compatible with lower-resolution displays and video sources.

With no software or drivers required, the BestNet display port to HDMI cable is OS independent; tested for compatibility ensuring support for high-resolution applications and best suited for future-proofing of existing 4K video set up. Delivering clutter-free installation, the BestNet display port to HDMI cables are ideal for use in boardrooms or offices / home workstations making the display port computer compatible with HDMI display.

“Designed for applications that require high definition transmission of digital signals, the BestNet display port to HDMI cables deliver superior transfer speeds, maximum performance and exceptional video & audio experience”, said Mr. Anuj Jain, Managing Director, Eurotech Technologies.

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