Switzerland, US, New Zealand: Most Expensive Mobile Internet

Last year, over 96% of all internet users worldwide used a smartphone for web browsing, or 5% more than in 2022. However, as the global mobile data coverage continues to narrow, the price gap is still wide.

According to data presented by Stocklytics.com, Switzerland, the United States, and New Zealand have the most expensive mobile internet, with prices twice higher than the global average.

US Mobile Data Cost Almost 10x Higher than in the United Kingdom and 37x Higher than in India

Over the past decade, mobile internet traffic has almost doubled. In Q4 2023, more than 55% of all website traffic came from people using mobile devices, up from roughly 25% back in 2013. However, the prices internet users paid for 1G of mobile data across countries were quite different.

According to the Digital 2024 Global Overview Report, internet users paid an average of $2.59 for 1GB of mobile data in 2023. But ten countries were high above that price tag.

Statistics show Switzerland, the United States, and New Zealand had the costliest plans among developed countries. For instance, 1GB of mobile data in Switzerland costs an average of $7.29, or three times more than the global average. US mobile data plans are also much more expensive than in other countries. Last year, Americans paid an average of $6 for 1GB of mobile data, ten times the price the Britons paid and 37 times the average cost in India.

New Zealand was the third most expensive country to use mobile data in 2023, with a price of $5.89 for one gigabyte of data. Statistics show Canada and South Korea were also in the group of the most expensive countries with price tags above $5, while UEA and Norway were closer to $4 for 1G of mobile data. Japan, Czechia and Greece also had prices way above above the world average, with $3.48, $3.12 and $2.79, respectively.

Israel and Italy Had the Lowest Cost of Mobile Internet in 2023

Unlike these countries, Israel, Italy, and India were at the other end of the list, offering the least expensive mobile data plans in 2023. All these countries have good mobile and fixed broadband infrastructure, which allows providers to offer large amounts of data at reasonable prices. In India, for example, providers also keep the prices low so people can afford them.

Statistics show Israel had by far the cheapest mobile internet, with one gigabyte of data costing an average of $0.02 last year, 50% less than in 2022. Italy ranked as the second most affordable country for mobile data, with a low cost of $0.09 per 1GB, down from $0.12 a year before. India and France followed with $0.16 and $0.20, respectively.

The full story and statistics can be found here: https://stocklytics.com/content/switzerland-the-united-states-and-new-zealand-have-the-most-expensive-mobile-internet-with-prices-twice-higher-than-the-global-average/