IntellectEU Becomes Implementation Provider for Polygon CDK

Accelerating the Evolution of Global Markets

IntellectEU is excited to announce our new role as a Polygon Chain Development Kit (CDK) Implementation Provider (IP). In addition to supporting Polygon ecosystem participants with engineering services to build, deploy, and manage CDK-based applications, IntellectEU has also integrated the CDK framework into our Catalyst Blockchain Manager solution. This integration will provide enterprises and entrepreneurs with a scalable, cost-effective, and battle-tested infrastructure to bring their solutions to market faster.  

As market interest in tokenized assets, on-chain finance, and DLT-based market infrastructure accelerates, IntellectEU is particularly excited about the unique benefits Polygon CDK offers to financial market operators.

Polygon CDK

The Polygon CDK offering is a comprehensive, open-source software toolkit designed for blockchain developers. It facilitates the creation and configuration of various blockchain architectures, empowering developers to launch new “layer 2” chains on Ethereum or transition existing layer 1 networks (including private, permissioned networks) into layer 2 chains. 

This toolkit offers exceptional modularity, allowing application builders to choose from a set of supported open-source components or select custom components tailored to specific requirements. With two primary configuration options, Rollup or Validium, developers can decide how to manage transaction data – either by posting it directly onto Ethereum (Rollup Mode) or only posting the transaction hash (Validium Mode).  

Catalyst Blockchain Manager

Catalyst Blockchain Manager is an infrastructure management solution that enables our customers to focus on creating business value, rather than grappling with the complexity of DLT networks. The product incorporates lessons learned from nearly a decade of experience building use cases on enterprise grade blockchains to streamline the deployment, management, and maintenance of nodes and networks. Catalyst has been purpose-built for the financial services industry, with enterprise-grade features, availability, and support required to support regulated use cases.

As innovation in blockchain and web3 continues to accelerate, we believe Catalyst will serve a wide range of use cases and industries beyond financial services, and empower application developers with capabilities to embed payments and tokenization within their use cases by leveraging blockchain technology.

Showcasing the Capabilities of CDK on Catalyst

As a leader at the intersection of capital markets and blockchain technology, IntellectEU initiated our CDK IP journey by developing a proof-of-concept to showcase how a Polygon CDK network can serve as the platform for digital assets in a delivery-versus-payment (DvP) use case. 

One challenge consistently acknowledged in the market is the lack of on-chain money at scale, which creates significant settlement frictions for tokenized assets. In light of these challenges, and incorporating recent insights from ECB trials, our use case focuses on triggering on-chain settlement through integration with “off-chain” payment rails–both through a Swift connection with the TIPS payment network, and through a mock connection to a Hyperledger Fabric network to simulate a future CBDC system. 

We are excited about the potential of this architecture to unleash a wide range of new market infrastructure, ranging from crypto, tokenized securities, alternative asset classes, and sustainability instruments. In each case, Polygon CDK and Catalyst can offer the robust and scalable architecture needed to operate these asset markets, while IntellectEU’s deep integration expertise provides the solutions to solve for the payment leg needed to facilitate these transactions. 

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