Massive shift in career aspirations as 8 out of 10 professionals eye new career paths this appraisal season, reports

  • 54% of professionals prioritise career advancement opportunities, and 44% prefer better organisational culture as key factors for staying in their current roles
  • With 62% expressing a desire for L&D initiatives, professionals underscore the crucial need for continuous skill enhancement to remain competitive in the evolving job market

As the appraisal season approaches, insights from the survey by, India’s leading jobs and professional networking platform, sheds light on the shifting dynamics of career aspirations among professionals. In contrast to the observed trend, a staggering 82% of respondents expressed their intention to switch jobs this appraisal season, signifying a significant churn in the job market. Research from Deloitte India and Randstad India confirms this trend, revealing that employees embracing additional roles reap better rewards like enhanced increments, double promotions, etc.

Key Motivators

While salary remains a crucial consideration, professionals are increasingly recognizing the value of other aspects within their current organisations. According to the survey, 54% of respondents identified career advancement opportunities as important, followed closely by 44% who emphasised the significance of organisational work culture. Additionally, 37% cited a sense of achievement or independence, while 21% expressed interest in international assignments or work-related travel.

Hindrance to Quality Work-Life

Despite the high intention to switch jobs, nearly 78% of professionals felt adequately supported by their colleagues and managers. However, challenges persist, with the survey revealing aspects of the work situation that are least satisfying or fulfilling. These include unclear communication and lack of direction as cited by 34% of the respondents, favouritism or bias in decision-making for 29%, and lack of recognition or appreciation for contributions by 29% of professionals.

Nirmit Parikh, Founder & CEO of, commented, The report reveals the evolving aspirations and priorities of professionals in today’s dynamic job market. A significant proportion of professionals are actively seeking new career opportunities this appraisal season, driven by factors such as career advancement opportunities, work culture, and the desire for skill development. We remain committed to our mission of helping individuals and organisations succeed in the dynamic 21st-century job market.”

Professionals Focused on Professional Growth

In terms of professional growth, respondents expressed a strong preference for leadership roles and responsibilities (54%), access to advanced training programs or certifications (40%), and mentorship from industry experts or senior leaders (36%). The survey also revealed a notable contrast in respondents’ preferences. While 62% expressed a desire for Learning & Development/Skill development initiatives, indicating a strong emphasis on professional growth, only 44% highlighted the importance of mental health support initiatives. This discrepancy suggests a prioritisation of career advancement and skill development over international opportunities, with a growing recognition of the need for individual growth and mental well-being support in today’s workplace.

While networking opportunities were deemed essential by 46% of respondents for career advancement and building professional connections, a significant 30% emphasised the importance of autonomy and control over their tasks, valuing empowerment and independence. While 41% stressed the need for transparency in workplace communication, highlighting the desire for clear and open dialogue within the organisation, another 38% expressed a growing demand for remote work options, signalling the rising importance of flexible work arrangements in today’s professional environment. recently conducted a comprehensive survey involving over 10,000 professionals to delve into the evolving dynamics of the job market. This initiative, conducted in March 2024, aimed to explore the motivations, challenges, and expectations of the professionals in the workforce. Utilising a quantitative approach,’s analysis provides a deeper understanding of professionals’ aspirations and challenges, underscoring the evolving landscape of the job market. is dedicated to addressing the skill gap and empowering young professionals to succeed in the ever-changing job market.