Tech Startup Plane Raises $4 Million in Seed Round, Unveils Groundbreaking ‘Plane One’ Self-Managed Instance Plan

Revolutionizing Tech Infrastructure: Plane's Innovative Approach Offers Unlimited Access for Self-Managed Instances

Plane, a leading open-source project management platform, announced it has secured $4 million in a Seed round funding from OSS Capital. This investment will fuel the company’s community growth and compete in the coveted enterprise segment.

Coinciding with the funding announcement, Plane unveiled Plane One, a first-in-open-source pricing plan for self-managed instance owners at growing companies. Designed for both new and existing Plane admins at these companies, Plane One addresses top requested features for easier instance governance, security, and performance.

“We are thrilled to announce the closing of our funding round and the launch of Plane One,” said Vamsi Kurama, Co-founder and CEO of Plane. “This funding validates our vision of creating a user-friendly, extensible and affordable project management product. As a first step, Plane One is designed ground-up for growing businesses that need essential tools to manage their projects and their instance better without being locked into ongoing SaaS-pricing commitments.”

Aligned with this goal, Plane One offers a one-time perpetual license at of $799, discounted $100 for the first 100 orders.

  • One-click deploy – With just a one-line command, Plane One installs automatically in under ten minutes on most infrastructure, eliminating the need for extensive setup and customization.
  • Weekly performance and security updates – Plane One promises frequent performance and security updates, ensuring a higher service level agreement (SLA) for mitigating security risks and optimizing system performance.
  • First-to-Plane performance features – Exclusive features like caching and virtualization are incorporated to guarantee optimal application performance for rapidly scaling teams.
  • Advanced project management features – Plane One unlocks various project manager-friendly features such as Active Cycles and custom filters to facilitate efficient tracking and workflow management.
  • Wishlist importers and integrations– Plane One will introduce wishlist importers and out-of-the-box integrations in subsequent minor versions, facilitating seamless transitions for teams migrating from existing project management tools.

“Plane’s open-core model, strong community engagement, and first-principles approach to project management deeply impressed us,” said Joseph Jacks, Founder at OSS Capital. “With Plane One, they are now doubling down on their mission to be a viable, open-source, and sustainable alternative to incumbents of the industry.”

Founded in November 2022, by Vamsi Kurama and Vihar Kurama, Plane aims to simplify projects by being flexible and easy to use for teams of all sizes across industry verticals. With its first-principles approach to modern project management and strong user growth, Plane is poised to reshape the way businesses manage their projects and workflows. To learn more about Plane One and pre-order your subscription, visit