AAEON’s UP Squared Pro 710H Edge: A Mini PC with an Integrated AI Accelerator for Versatile Edge Computing

The UP Squared Pro 710H Edge is a tiny, versatile, AI-ready option for identity management, AMR, and smart advertising solutions.

AAEON’s UP brand, a leading producer of advanced Mini PCs and developer boards, has released the UP Squared Pro 710H Edge, a Mini PC equipped with an onboard Hailo-8™ edge AI processor and powered by a choice of either Intel® Core™ i3-N305 or Intel® Processor N97 embedded CPUs.

This release comes off the back of AAEON’s recent partnership with Hailo, wherein it announced the compatibility of the Hailo-8™ M.2 2280 AI module with its full UP product family. Building on this momentum, the UP Squared Pro 710H Edge sees AAEON bring the machine learning frameworks and pre-trained models of the Hailo AI software suite onboard by integrating the Hailo-8™ edge AI processor chip into the system’s design. Consequently, the UP Squared Pro 710H Edge is AI-ready out of the box, offering 26 TOPS of inferencing performance with market-leading power-efficiency.

Available in SKUs featuring either Intel® Core™ i3-N305 or Intel® Processor N97 CPUs; the UP Squared Pro 710H Edge offers substantial processing power, making it suitable for deployment in identity management, AMR, and healthcare imaging solutions. The inclusion of up to 16GB LPDDR5 memory and up to 128GB eMMC storage provides both speed and storage capacity to support multitasking and data storage requirements, while onboard TPM 2.0 enhances data security.

The PC’s Intel® UHD Graphics for 12th Gen Intel® Processors package ensures reliable visual performance, enabling users to take advantage of its HDMI 2.0b and DP 1.2 display outputs. This capability offers users in the digital signage, kiosk, and smart advertising spaces an opportunity to deploy a fanless, compact Mini PC for high-quality image display in low-noise environments. Other notable I/O features include dual LAN ports supporting Intel® Ethernet Controller I226-IT at 2.5GbE, dual COM ports for RS-232/422/485, and dual USB ports. Additionally, a 40-pin GPIO is provided to facilitate the installation of cameras, sensors, and industrial communication protocols.

The UP Squared Pro 710H Edge is designed for versatile deployment, with a compact 134mm x 105mm x 60mm chassis, multiple mounting options, and a broad 12V ~ 36V power input tolerance. Conveniently grouped bottom-side expansion slots also grant users access to Wi-Fi, 4G/5G, and additional storage, which AAEON has said is to allow for low-latency edge-to-cloud communication in addition to its wired networking interfaces. Such expansion also serves the purpose of enabling users to scale the AI performance of the system, combining the 26 TOPS of its Hailo-8™ edge AI processor with additional AI acceleration cards for more complex tasks such as AI inferencing, data analytics, and multimedia processing.

Both Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise and Ubuntu 22.04 LTS operating systems are supported, with AAEON providing a dedicated driver for Ubuntu with the product’s user manual.

To learn more about the UP Squared Pro 710H Edge, please visit its product page.