Matrix Introduces SATATYA NPC430 – The Most User-Friendly Camera Controller Powered by 4D Joystick

Matrix Comsec, a leading provider of cutting-edge security and telecom solutions, has introduced SATATYA NPC430 – Network PTZ Controller with 4D Joystick. This CCTV accessory is designed to complement Matrix’s range of PTZ Cameras, and Cameras with Motorized Varifocal Lens (MVL) offering users a convenient solution for camera monitoring.

Addressing Surveillance Challenges

For many organizations, the task of controlling and managing the viewing angles of PTZ cameras poses significant challenges. Traditional methods, like relying on NVRs, VMS systems, or navigating through each camera’s webpage, often exacerbate these difficulties. The complexity and time-consuming nature of these approaches become apparent, particularly when dealing with multiple cameras across various locations. Faced with these obstacles, organizations struggle to maintain effective surveillance operations, risking gaps in security coverage and operational inefficiencies. Recognizing the pressing need for a simpler and more intuitive solution, Matrix has introduced its IP-based PTZ Keyboard Controller to revolutionize surveillance management.

Matrix IP-based PTZ Keyboard Controller offers a host of features designed to simplify surveillance management.

The 4D Joystick Control allows users to effortlessly navigate Pan, Tilt, Zoom, and Focus functions, providing precise control over camera positioning and monitoring. With intuitive joystick movements, users can easily adjust the viewing angles to capture critical areas of interest.

The Smart Keyboard offers convenient access to Preset, Patrol, Pattern, and Scan functions. Users can configure these functions with ease, ensuring smooth and seamless monitoring of multiple camera feeds.

The Intelligent LED Display provides a user-friendly interface without the need for accessing web pages. With clear and intuitive controls displayed on the LED screen, users can navigate through options effortlessly, reducing the time required for setup and adjustment.

The Matrix IP-based PTZ Keyboard Controller supports both IP and Analog camera versions concurrently, allowing users to connect and remotely monitor up to 999 cameras. This versatility ensures compatibility with a wide range of camera models, enabling seamless integration into existing surveillance systems.

Furthermore, the controller is compatible with the ONVIF protocol, facilitating interoperability with various surveillance devices and systems. This compatibility ensures flexibility and ease of integration, allowing users to leverage their existing infrastructure while expanding their surveillance capabilities.

Additionally, the controller features Power Over Ethernet (PoE) support, enabling hassle-free integration and configuration. With PoE support, users can power the controller and connected devices through a single network cable, simplifying installation and reducing cable clutter.

Overall, the Matrix IP-based PTZ Keyboard Controller offers a comprehensive solution for surveillance management, combining advanced features with user-friendly design to enhance security effectiveness and operational efficiency.

Kaushal Kadakia, Marketing Manager, Matrix Comsec said, “We are excited to announce the launch of SATATYA NPC430. Responsive, robust, precise, and user-friendly, it offers the most convenient solution for camera monitoring. With Matrix PTZ Controller, users can seamlessly manage surveillance without the need to access the camera webpage, NVR, or VMS.”

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