Atlassian Unveils Rovo, a New AI-Powered Tool to Unlock Enterprise Knowledge

Atlassian Corporation, a leading provider of team collaboration and productivity software including Jira, Confluence and Trello, has launched Atlassian Rovo, its new product that leverages generative AI to help teams find, learn, and act on information dispersed across a range of internal tools. This product which turns information into action at an unprecedented speed, was unveiled at Atlassian’s annual flagship conference – Team ’24.

Rovo, powered by Atlassian Intelligence, takes human-AI collaboration to the next level and teams can:

  • Find: Search helps teams find the exact information they need across huge volumes of data. Rovo Search can pull information from popular tools, including Google Drive, Microsoft Sharepoint, Microsoft Teams, GitHub, Slack, and Figma, to deliver even more comprehensive answers.
  • Learn: Gain a deeper understanding of their company’s data through AI-driven insights, knowledge cards, and AI chat for deeper data exploration.
  • Act: Add specialized agents to workflows to handle time-consuming tasks and to complete projects.

A common data model called ‘teamwork graph’ is Rovo’s secret sauce, which connects data from Atlassian tools and other SaaS apps to unlock a comprehensive view of any organization’s goals, knowledge, teams, and work. With every new tool connection, team action, and project event, the teamwork graph draws more connections and expands its knowledge to deliver increasingly relevant results.

Mike Cannon-Brookes, co-Founder and co-CEO, Atlassian said, “AI presents a huge opportunity for Atlassian. We have over 20 years of insights into knowledge work – how teams go about planning and tracking work, goal setting and unleashing knowledge. A year ago, we launched Atlassian Intelligence to help teams boost productivity with AI. Since then, we’ve woven AI into the fabric of our products across the Atlassian portfolio.”

“We’re thrilled to announce Atlassian Rovo at Team ’24 – our first product built in and for the AI era. It will solve the highly complex problem of search and knowledge discovery, and be able to act on this information across both Atlassian and third-party tools. Rovo adds the power of infinitive AI-driven teammates that you can customise to your team’s needs. It’s a game changer, and we can’t wait to share it with our customers,” he further added.

Find answers faster with an AI-powered search

Rovo can provide answers in seconds and the search results are personalized and contextual. Permissions are fully respected, so employees see only the information they’re supposed to see, while restricted data remains private.Its API will be designed to let you connect niche and home-grown apps., to deliver relevant answers for any team or industry.

Get accurate, in-depth answers from any company’s unique data

When answering questions, Rovo surfaces related topics and follow-up questions teams can use to tease out more details. Plus, it’s an awesome jargon-demystifier.

With Rovo Chat, teams can engage in interactive conversations to ask questions until they get the answers they need, generate new ideas, get helpful feedback, and resolve issues while they work.

AI-powered enhancements to the Atlassian product portfolioAt Team ’24 event, Atlassian also made other product related announcements:

  • AI-enhanced Editor: Available across Trello, Bitbucket, and Jira Product Discovery, AI-enhanced editor allows users to generate pull request summaries, release notes, and other key pieces of information.
  • AI Summaries: Coming soon to Jira, AI summaries will allow users to get a summary of third-party links directly from a Smart Link hover card. And on Confluence, comment summaries will enable users to sort through dozens of comments.
  • AI Breakdowns: Atlassian Intelligence takes users’ top-level work items and proposes a way to break it down into actionable pieces.
  • Task Automation: Coming to all Jira products, task automation will enable users to use natural language to create automation rules.
  • AI Analysis: New predefined queries and chart templates now make reporting and analysis easier. With AI-powered chart insights, key trends are automatically identified so users can act on them quickly.

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