NEC X Invests in Public Safety Startup Multitude Insights, Scaling AI-Powered Collaboration and Information Sharing for Law Enforcement

Launched at MIT and Harvard, Multitude Insights Joins Elev X! Boost, NEC X's Accelerator Program for Rapid Growth & Collaboration

NEC X, the Silicon Valley-based innovation accelerator and venture studio backed by global IT leader NEC, announced a new investment in Multitude Insights, the provider of a transformative AI-powered solution enabling greater collaboration and faster case resolution for law enforcement agencies and first responders.

In addition, Multitude Insights has joined NEC X’s Elev X! Boost program, which empowers ambitious startups on the brink of significant scaling with a unique and customizable blend of capital, strategic partnerships, and integrations with NEC’s expansive tech ecosystem.

“Matthew White and Akihiko Izu bring unique expertise into governmental and public sectors, leveraging their diverse backgrounds in military and legal fields,” said Shintaro Matsumoto, President and CEO of NEC X. “Their deep understanding of the intricacies of law enforcement and public safety, combined with NEC’s technological strengths, positions us to drive significant and meaningful innovation together. We’re fully committed to supporting their success.”

“Our collaboration with NEC X is more than just an investment; it’s a robust partnership and unique opportunity to leverage leading tech innovation and resources to enhance public safety,” said Matthew White, Co-founder and CEO of Multitude Insights. “We look forward to a productive and enduring partnership with NEC as we continue to grow.”

Founded by MIT and Harvard alumni, new windowMatthew White, a former Naval officer and ethics leader, and new windowAkihiko Izu, an experienced Japanese lawyer and human rights advocate, Multitude Insights has developed the Bulletin (BLTN) platform, which utilizes AI and natural language processing (NLP) to intelligently monitor and analyze data across jurisdictions in real-time. This enables law enforcement agencies to effortlessly share information and collaborate through a unified intelligence network from anywhere in the United States. The platform addresses the critical – and time sensitive – challenges of information sharing and fragmented data that U.S. police departments face by facilitating the search and analysis of related crimes and enabling seamless communication across agencies after completing the necessary procedures.

The use of BLTN results in more accurate information, improved collaboration, and more efficient and successful case resolutions.

“Joining Elev X! Boost and collaborating with NEC is an ideal opportunity for any tech startup ready to scale, especially with their strength and proven success in the public safety sector,” said Akihiko Izu, Co-founder and COO of Multitude Insights. “NEC’s invaluable expertise will significantly enhance our efforts as we jointly strive to advance innovation for the improvement of community safety.”

“We are delighted to welcome Multitude Insights into NEC X’s portfolio. Their pioneering approach to solving the complex issue of fragmented data in law enforcement perfectly complements NEC’s commitment to social value, creative vision, and technological prowess,” said Eugene Le Roux, SVP, Digital Government, NEC Corporation of America. “BLTN has the potential to revolutionize not only local police departments, but also law enforcement on a global scale.”

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