Silanna UV at 2024 IUVA Americas: Launches Innovative UVC Proximity Exposure Module

New 235nm Source is a Significant Advance in Disinfection Technology

News Highlights

  • Silanna UV attends 2024 IUVA Americas show
  • UV-enabled water quality measurement applications
  • Focus on detection of Nitrate (NO3), COD, etc
  • Far-UVC proximity exposure module announced
  • Mercury-free, environmentally-friendly solutions
  • New 235nm UV source cleans air, water, surfaces

Silanna UV will launch its latest Far-UVC Proximity Exposure Module at the 2024 International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA) Americas Conference in Florida this May. The event takes place from May 20 to 22, 2024, at the Hyatt Regency in Orlando, Florida, USA. Visitors can find Silanna UV at booth 107, where the company will showcase its latest Deep-UVC LED and Far-UVC LED technology.

Silanna will be demonstrating UV-enabled water quality measurement applications, focusing on Nitrate (NO3), COD, UV254, etc, and the potential for UVC LEDs to deliver a mercury-free, environmentally-friendly solution.

The 2024 IUVA Americas Conference will address applications of UV light for new challenges in public health, drinking water, wastewater treatment, air pollution, hospital infections, ballast water treatment, and industrial effluents. As a leader in this field, Silanna UV is committed to contributing to these discussions and demonstrating the practical applications of its products in improving environmental and health outcomes.

Introducing Silanna UV’s Far-UVC Proximity Exposure Module

Silanna UV is unveiling a new Far-UVC Proximity Exposure Module. This state-of-the-art hardware and reference design represents a significant leap forward in disinfection technology by emitting 235nm UV light to quickly neutralize pathogens in air, water, and on surfaces.

Silanna UV’s New Far-UVC Source is Easy to Implement

This Far-UVC Proximity Exposure Module’s innovative design includes active cooling and a UVC silica window that ensures uniform light distribution while preventing contamination. The ‘plug and play’ design of this compact module, along with its flexible mounting options, simplifies setup in a variety of environments and for a wide range of applications. The module’s efficiency and durability are enhanced by an advanced cooling system, which ensures performance is maintained over a long operational life.

Breakthrough 235nm UV LED Emitter

At the heart of the module is Silanna UV’s proprietary SF1-3U8P3L1, a highly efficient parabolic lensed 235nm LED array. This is complemented by a dedicated LED driver board, which ensures reliable power management. The optical output level indicator offers fast, intuitive verification of performance.

This module works seamlessly with other Silanna products, allowing integrated solutions that suit various requirements.

Silanna UV Welcomes Visitors at IUVA Americas Conference 2024

Join Silanna UV at the 2024 IUVA Americas Conference to explore the future of ultraviolet technology and witness the unveiling of Silanna UV’s new 235nm UVC Proximity Exposure Module – an evolutionary step forward in the fight against the spread of infectious diseases.

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