Ranatec introduces next generation AC Feedthru Filters with 10 Amp rated current

Ranatec, a part of Qamcom Group and progressive creator of test and measurement equipment for RF and microwave applications, announced its next generation, upgraded panel mountable AC power feedthru filters.  Addressing the needs of an evolving electronics market, the upgraded RI 4205 and RI 4206 110/230 VAC Feedthru filters provide a milestone 10 Amp rated current. Designed to fit in Ranatec’s RF Shield Boxes, both Feedthru Filters can also be used separately.

The latest Ranatec innovations empowering electronics manufacturers to perform the enhanced testing for creating market leading products, the next generation filters are valuable tools for all types of applications where AC power needs to be fed through a shielded wall.

– “As an example, with shielded rooms, customers will have the ability to test more transmitters and receivers,” says Charlotte Ornstein at Ranatec. “As the power in the AC filter is designed to flow in one direction for safety, we have designed two models for the customer to choose from, based on inside or outside room/enclosure mounting.”

– “As Ranatec continues to innovate and provide the best advancements to support our global network of customer and partners, the enhanced RI 4205 and RI 4206Feedthru Filters are a valuable addition to our rich portfolio of test products.”

Application: Designed primarily to fit in Ranatec’s RF Shield Boxes, the filters can also be used separately.


• 110/230 VAC compatible

• 10 A max

• 70 dB filter suppression at 10 GHz

• Panel mountable


Connector input: C14 male
Connector output: C13 female
Material (housing): Aluminum
Operating voltage 110/230 VAC
Rated current 10 A
CE Compliant

Based on renowned quality and engineering, Ranatec’s competitive portfolio enables customers to test their latest, cutting-edge wireless equipment with superior proficiency – enabling electronics manufacturers to create and secure value-added product offerings and capture a competitive edge and significant share of the global marketplace.