SHENMAO’s PF606-P276 Ultra-Low Void Solder Paste Ensures High Joint Strength

SHENMAO Technology is pleased to offer its PF606-P276 Ultra-Low Void No-Clean Zero-Halogen Lead-Free Solder Paste. PF606-P276 has been specifically developed for the surface mount technology (SMT) process, offering superior void performance after the reflow process. By minimizing gas generation during reflow, this solder paste ensures exceptional reliability and performance for a wide range of electronic components and assemblies.

Key Features of PF606-P276:

Superior Void Performance: PF606-P276 showcases exceptional void performance, thanks to the addition of special activators. This ensures minimal gas generation during the reflow process, resulting in less than 10% void ratio for ground pad components such as MOS and QFN.

Environmentally Friendly: PF606-P276 is halogen-free (ROL0) with no intentional addition of halogen. It fully complies with RoHS, RoHS 2.0, and REACH regulations, making it an environmentally conscious choice for electronics manufacturing.

Excellent Solderability and Wettability: This solder paste offers outstanding solderability and wettability, ensuring reliable and consistent solder joints with every application.

High-Speed Printing Performance: PF606-P276 is designed for high-speed printing applications, enabling efficient and precise solder paste deposition during the manufacturing process.

Superior Solder Joint Strength and Product Reliability: With its advanced formulation, PF606-P276 delivers excellent solder joint strength and overall product reliability, meeting the stringent requirements of modern electronics manufacturing.

PF606-P276 is suitable for use in general products with SMT processes, as well as automotive products with high reliability requirements. Its superior performance and environmental credentials make it an ideal choice for various electronic applications.

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