Indium Corporation to Showcase Sustainable Solutions for Power Electronics at PCIM

As one of the leading materials providers to the power electronics assembly industry, Indium Corporation will proudly showcase a selection of innovative products at PCIM Europe, June 11-13, in Nuremberg, Germany. Indium Corporation’s products for power electronics have been demonstrated to reduce energy consumption and drive green technologies of tomorrow, such as e-Mobility. These proven materials have also been shown to solve customers’ warpage issues while ensuring high reliability and improving overall efficiency.

Among its featured products, Indium Corporation will showcase:

  • Durafuse HT – an innovative Pb-free solution based on a novel alloy technology designed to deliver a high-temperature lead-free (HTLF) paste for discrete power electronics devices. Durafuse HT can “drop in” to the current high-Pb die-attach paste process, with no special equipment needed. Functional performance and thermal cycling reliability are both equal to or higher than a high-Pb solder.
  • Indalloy 301 LT Alloy for Preforms/InFORMS – a novel Pb-free alloy that enables lower processing temperatures in preform soldering compared to SAC alloys. Specifically designed for power module applications, this alloy prevents delamination and warpage in package-cooler attach scenarios without sacrificing reliability like traditional bismuth-containing low-temperature alloys. It is available in preforms, ribbon, or InFORMS.
  • QuickSinter – a new approach to sinter technology. This high-metal, low-organic content approach enables fast drying and sintering times for high throughput. Both silver and copper sinter pastes are available. Applications include die-attach and substrate-attach in power electronics. The portfolio includes the InFORCE range of pressure sinter pastes:
    • InFORCE 29 – a pressure copper sinter paste for high-reliability, high thermal conductivity, die-attach applications; InFORCE 29 features high workability, making it suitable for printing or dispensing applications.
    • InFORCE MF – a pressure silver sinter paste for the highest reliability, highest thermal conductivity, die-attach applications; InFORCE MF is specially formulated for printing applications, providing low process yield loss due to print defects. 
    • InFORCE LA – a pressure silver sinter paste formulated for sintering of areas greater than 100mm2. Sintering is possible with reduced temperatures and pressure, making it suitable for transferring molded package-attach to cooler applications.

To learn more about Indium Corporation’s solutions for power electronics, be sure to visit with our experts at PCIM in hall 6, stand #466.

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