How SUVs Are So Popular All Over the World?

Traveling to scenic picturesque locations to get the perfect shot of the sunrise, pristine riverlets, snow-capped mountains, and lush green rolling meadows, is rising with both millennials and Gen-Z joining the bandwagon. Instagram and TikTok influencers have made traveling in your vehicle for personal me-time or a fun weekend with friends a must for everyone. But these rugged terrains need mean herculean vehicles that can clear more ground and hold traction.  Large vehicles like Perodua Ativa 2024 SUVs have been designed to not just offer space and comfort, but also give the necessary thrust to the wheels in places that demand off-roading. Designed to clear more ground with their four-wheel-drive or FWD, and all-wheel-drive or AWD, SUVs command respect for steering through difficult situations. SUVs with FWD are better in case there is no traction available, and the terrain is rocky with loose stones, slippery snow, or mud. 

Additionally, apart from the social media and travel influencer-driven interest, consumers are more vocal about enjoying their life with the motto of YOLO, or you only live once. Traveling to nearby scenic spots is no longer a scene from a movie or an advertisement. People are looking to go to different locations for the experience and fulfillment. When they document and upload their travel vlogs, they earn subscribers and revenue from platforms such as YouTube. The rise of some of the travel influencers has been phenomenal in recent times. Others who are interested end up buying the same SUV driven by their favorite YouTuber and go to the same amazing places as shown in the vlogs they follow. Despite the social media, travel influencers, and aggressive marketing, SUVs are popular the world over for the following reasons:

  • Versatility

SUVs can switch from the school-dropping, office-going, grocery-loading car to one that carries a lot of stuff for a haul when moving between places. If you want to go kayaking, you can trail it behind or tie it up on the SUV and go wherever you want.

  • Dependable Drive

Be it an AWD that can empower all the wheels during a drive, or an FWD that is dependable in challenging countryside to empower the set of wheels in 4H and 4L modes, the pressure of crossing difficult paths is no longer stressful for the driver. If you are not going to head hiking in a mountainous forest, you can settle for an AWD. It will help you navigate easily and even take you uphill without stopping at inclinations. When you drive an SUV, you are in bring-it-on mode and love the challenges that the road throws. 

  • Safety

SUVs are equipped with all the latest safety features that the automobile industry offers such as adaptive cruise control and cameras for better judgment. However, there is also a popular belief that bigger vehicles offer superior protection during impact than smaller vehicles.


Buying a car within your budget that meets your purpose and utility, is a fruitful experience when you can check your list. So it’s advisable to test drive before buying one.