Fit More in ShowMeCables’ New 23-Inch-Wide, Open-Frame Server Racks

ShowMeCables, an Infinite Electronics brand and a supplier of wired and wireless connectivity products, has just introduced a line of 23-inch-wide, open-frame server racks. The rack width will accommodate not only standard EIA 19-inch-wide equipment but the 23-inch components that are also common in data centers, server rooms, telecommunications, IT and A/V installations.

There are 14 new models that come in three configurations: four-post floor racks, two-post floor racks and two-post wall-mount racks. The main options with the floor racks are vertical capacities of 25U, 42U or 45U, and either 12-24 screws for threaded (tapped) holes or M6 screws and cage nuts for square holes. All of these new rack additions are made of cold-rolled steel with a black, electro-static powder coating.

The four-post floor racks have a rock-solid base that can hold up to 881 pounds of equipment. Extra stability is provided by the two rear rack rails, which also offer almost unlimited attachment points for vertical and horizontal cable management devices. The frame of a four-post open-frame rack also protects gear from all sides while allowing air flow and quick access.

ShowMeCables’ newly released 23-inch two-post floor racks have a smaller footprint and are easier to move than the four-post models. But they also feature rugged construction, able to steadily hold up to 750 pounds of equipment.

Along with the floor-standing models, the new 23-inch-wide line includes two open-frame wall-mount server racks, in either 6U or 9U. With two mounting rails in the front, they each hold up to 100 pounds of gear with a maximum depth of 24 inches. This is ideal for mounting both large and small networking equipment in tight quarters and where floor space is limited. They are made of cold-rolled steel and use threaded 12-24 screws for mounting components.

All models are shipped with mounting screws. To make these open-frame server racks even more functional, ShowMeCables carries a wide assortment of accessories. They include 23-inch-wide rack-mount drawers, shelves, spacers and cable managers. There are also brackets for mounting a 19-inch-wide component into a 23-inch-wide rack space.

“Open-frame server racks keep your components cool and easy to access for quick maintenance,” said Product Line Manager Tim Houghton. “The added benefit of our 23-inch-wide racks is that they can hold all sizes of components you have now or might have in the future.”

ShowMeCables’ new 23-inch-wide, open-frame server racks are in stock now and available for immediate shipment.