Experience Pickering Electronics’ latest high power reed relays at the Korea Test Conference 2024

Visit Pickering Electronics at the Korea Test Conference in Seoul, Korea on July 2nd, 2024

Leading manufacturer of high performance reed relays, Pickering Electronics will showcase its comprehensive range of reed relays for semiconductor test – including its latest high-power reed relays, Series 144 – on the company’s booth at the Korea Test Conference 2024, taking place Tuesday July 2nd, on the third floor of The-K Hotel in Yangjae-dong, Seoul, Korea.

Hosted annually by the Institute of Semiconductor Test of Korea, this 25th Korea Test Conference provides a platform for experts from academia, research institutes, and industry to exchange research results and technology. The conference focuses on the testing and application of semiconductors, both memory and non-memory, aiming to strengthen competitiveness and revitalize the domestic semiconductor testing industry.

“As Pickering continuously improves its reed relay offering for instrumentation and ATE (automatic test equipment), we anticipate interest at the Korea Test Conference from diverse sectors and applications, including mixed-signal semiconductor test, signal switching in medical electronics, EV charging, solar cell monitoring, and high voltage instrumentation,” commented Robert King, Product Development Manager at Pickering Electronics.

Semiconductor testing methods include DC parametric testing (at various levels of current and voltage) and AC parametric testing (at different frequencies) – both to ensure the device meets the required specifications – and functional testing to ensure that it operates as intended. This means the ATE must be capable of applying a variety of test conditions. However, since the probe station may have only a few probes (two is fairly standard), the ATE must be able to switch between multiple test conditions and channel the test results into the appropriate signal conditioning circuitry – which is where reed relays, as controllable switching devices, prove invaluable.

Ideal for mixed signal semiconductor testing, Pickering’s Series 144 single-in-line reed relays are designed to handle power levels exceeding those of traditional dry SIL reed relays. Typically, standard dry relays are rated at 0.5 amps at 10 Watts. However, Series 144 reed relays offer significantly higher capabilities, with a switching current of up to 2 Amps, facilitating power delivery of up to 60 Watts, or 1 Amp for up to 80 Watts, and a continuous carry current of up to 3 Amps. Additionally, it boasts high-voltage capability, with a switching voltage of 1000VDC up to 10W and up to 3kV stand-off. Series 144 is Pickering’s smallest miniature SIP reed relay with a power rating up to 80 Watts. It combines the ability to effectively switch higher power with exceptional low-level performance, making it an ideal choice where both high-power and low-level switching capabilities are required. It also serves as a viable alternative to mercury wetted reed relays or miniature electromechanical relays (EMRs) due to its exceptional low-level performance and high isolation advantages.

Pickering’s comprehensive range of high-performance reed relays are ideal for many applications including mixed-signal semiconductor testers, EVs (electric vehicles), high-end cable testers, backplane testers, medical electronics, solar energy, big physics, in-circuit test equipment, and high voltage instrumentation.

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