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eSIMs for M2M

ST4SIM: eSIMs for M2M Applications available for Mass-Market

GSMA-compliant industrial and automotive SIM/eSIM ICs now available at distributors Comes with all the services needed to connect IoT devices...
Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Construction Industry

Impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Construction Industry to Accelerate Demand

Global Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Construction Market was valued at US$ ~449.7 million in the year 2018 and is expected to reach...
11th Generation Intel Core processors

PICO-TGU4: Powering Edge AI Evolution with 11th Generation Intel Core Processors

AAEON announces the PICO-TGU4 compact PICO-ITX board powered by the 11th Generation Intel Core U processors. By leveraging AAEON’s expertise and the...
Edge AI Hardware Computing

Smart Cities: For sustainable future

We are on the cusp to realize the smart city revolution. The advances in technology have made a significant impact in deploying...
Transfer Learning & Incremental Learning Differences

BrainChip: Key Differences Between Transfer Learning and Incremental Learning

BrainChip offers insight into two widely accepted forms of deep learning The massive computing resources required to train neural...
Multi-Phase AI Power Chipset

Maxim’s Multi-Phase AI Power Chipset delivers Industry’s Highest Efficiency & Smallest Total Solution Size

Multi-Phase AI Power Chipset by Maxim delivers Industry’s Highest Efficiency & Smallest Total Solution Size & transient performance with 40 % reduced...
Machine Learning on Embedded System

FP-AI-FACEREC1: Lowering the Barrier to Machine Learning Reveals New Applications

The FP-AI-FACEREC1 Function Pack is now available on-demand, thus enabling ST’s community to run new applications leveraging facial recognition on an STM32H7, thanks to its...
AI In-Cabin Monitoring

ST’s Global-Shutter Sensor Technology Supports Eyeris AI based Automotive In-Cabin Monitoring

STMicroelectronics announced a cooperation with Eyeris, a world leader in vision-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) software and in-cabin sensor fusion technologies. The collaboration...
BrainChip Akida Chips

BrainChip Receives Akida Chips from Socionext America

BrainChip Holdings Ltd has received the first batch of Akida chips from its manufacturing run from Socionext America (SNA).
duerr-sealing robotics

Dürr expands first market-ready AI application for paint shops

Identifying defect sources, determining the optimal maintenance schedule, improving manufacturing processes: until now, artificial intelligence only made this possible in a paint...