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How to teach an artificial brain to understand right and wrong

Movies like I, Robot, Wall-e and Bicentennial Man pose interesting questions that blur lines between man and machines. They not only allow our imaginations...

Internet of Things startup Xped has just bought an artificial intelligence company

Xped, an ASX-listed Internet of Things business, has bought Jemsoft, a computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI) company. A short time ago, shares in Xped...
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Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Companies Disrupting the Defense Industry

Defense companies are always trying to make things smarter, faster, stronger, and more resilient. Maintaining control with the latest technology can offer huge benefits...
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How Artificial Intelligence And Internet of Things Could Lead to a Robot Uprising

We all know where this future leads: machines become too smart, catch a streak of teenage rebellion, and overthrow their fleshy, meat bag creators – us. If...
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