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Patient Monitoring Devices Market

Factors driving the Global Patient Monitoring Devices Market

5 major factors driving the global patient monitoring devices market growth curve over 2021-27 The infamous coronavirus pandemic outbreak...
Electronic Pills Market

Electronic Pills Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast, 2019...

Electronic Pills Market: Overview Electronic pills were first invented in 1972 by Dr. Eric Johannessen and Professor John Cooper....
Honeywell Dehumidifier

All You Need To Know About Dehumidifiers

High humidity levels in homes are a common occurrence. Even in dry regions, people might suffer from humidity problems due to insufficient...
Knee-Implants Technology

CEA-Leti to Unveil World’s-First Multi-Sensor System For Knee-Implants at CES 2022

CEA-Leti, a CEA microelectronics research institute, will introduce a smart, integrated multi-sensor system for knee implants at CES 2022 that can help...
Benefits of AI and IoT in Healthcare

Top 3 ways IoT and AI are Redefining the Healthcare

The healthcare system after the inception of A.I. and IoT has been reaping better values and results. Mostly we get to hear...
How AI will change healthcare

Artificial Intelligence and Healthcare – A look at how it works

In 2012, IBM’s supercomputer Watson competed on Jeopardy against former winners and won. In 2017, Google beat an expert in the game...
COVID-19 Self-Test Kit

Renesas Delivers Power Converter for Lucira Health’s At-Home Covid-19 Test Kit

The Lucira COVID-19 All-In-One Self-Test Kit Delivers Results Within 30 Minutes Renesas Electronics Corporation is delivering a synchronous boost converter solution...
High precision GNSS technology

High precision GNSS technology to empower the blind & visually impaired

Accuracy in seconds, affordability, compact size, & low power consumption enables precise navigation via a GNSS device over the NaviBlind app
AI Technology for Personalized Cancer Treatment

Artificial intelligence Technology for Personalized Cancer Treatment

Fujitsu and Aichi Cancer Center Develop AI System to Offer Patients Personalized Cancer Treatment Aichi Cancer Center and Fujitsu Limited...
AI-powered 3D Sensing technology

Health enhancement solution based on AI-powered 3D Sensing technology

Fujitsu’s proprietary sensing technology for real-time quantification of athletes’ movements leveraged to support users with personalized health enhancement exercises