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Semiconductors Companies in the USA

List of Top 9 Semiconductors Companies in USA

Are you looking for American Semiconductor Companies, here is the list of Top 9 Semiconductors Companies in the USA.
1700V Silicon Carbide MOSFET

1700V Silicon Carbide MOSFET die, discrete & Power Modules by Microchip

Silicon carbide portfolio with 1700V MOSFET die, discrete & power module devices extend designers' options for efficiency, power density
STMicroelectronics' Bouskoura plant

STMicroelectronics’ Bouskoura plant to use 50% of renewable energy sources by 2022

 A project that advances STMicroelectronics' commitment to sourcing renewable energy and becoming carbon-neutral by 2027. As part of its...
DHXQFN packages for standard logic devices

World’s smallest & lowest profile 14,16, 20 & 24 pin packages for standard logic...

New packages enable large logic functions to be included in small form factor systems Nexperia announced the world's smallest...

When the semiconductor shortage will end?

A semiconductor shortage - is it possible? The problem with semiconductors - causes The shortage...
NOR Flash memory for space-grade FPGAs

Industry’s first radiation-tolerant, QML-V qualified NOR Flash memory for Space-grade FPGAs

Space-grade field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) require reliable, high-density non-volatile memories that contain their boot configurations. To address the growing need for high-reliability...
Hybrid IGBTs with Built-In SiC Diode

ROHM developed Hybrid IGBTs with integrated 650V SiC Schottky barrier diode

Achieving 67% lower loss and power consumption while improving cost performance ROHM developed Hybrid IGBTs with integrated 650V SiC...
Silicon Diodes for Automotive applications

600 V 12 A Qspeed Silicon Diodes can replace SiC parts in Automotive applications

Qspeed Diodes from Power Integrations deliver the industry's lowest reverse recovery charge for a Silicon Diode Power Integrations announced...
IC for Low-Voltage IoT Applications

MAX16162, The industry’s smallest, lowest power glitch-free supervisor IC

Eliminate power-up errors with Maxim's MAX16162, the industry’s smallest, lowest power Glitch-Free Supervisor IC for Low-Voltage IoT Applications Designers...
Three-phase Gate Driver IC

Motor Control three-phase Gate Driver IC for Battery-Powered Consumer & Industrial applications

Increasingly popular battery-powered consumer and industrial applications, such as cordless power tools and service robots, demand cutting-edge, reliable, cost- and energy-efficient motor...