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Supply Chain

3 Digitalization Strategies Driving Supply Chain Resiliency

Expert cites 3 common supply chain risks and how safeguard against inevitable turbulence and uncertainty With the considerable supply...
Edge Computing Technology for Industry 4.0

Edge Computing Technology key for rapid adoption of Industry 4.0

As the world recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, the global internet of things (IoT) market is anticipated to surpass $1 trillion in...
3D Sound

3D Sound for a Virtual World

The blog talks about 3D Sound or 3D Audio, immersive audio, surround-sound technology and immersive audio experience in Dolby Atmos.
ADAS Technology

Future Driving will be safer thanks to ADAS Technology

Around 1.4 million people per year lose their lives in traffic accidents worldwide. In the US, fatal car accidents are frequently caused...
IT Vulnerabilities

The Benefits Of Identifying IT Vulnerabilities At An Early Stage

Identifying IT Vulnerabilities You are encouraged to get regular health checkups in this life and it is...
SiC Substrate Manufacturing

STMicroelectronics & Soitec cooperate on SiC Substrate Manufacturing Technology

STMicroelectronics and Soitec announced the next stage of their cooperation on SiC Substrate Manufacturing, with the qualification of Soitec’s SiC substrate technology...

Keysight Predictions on ‘Technologies that Will Thrive in 2023’

Keysight Tech Prediction for the upcoming year 2023 on technologies that will thrive in 2023 Cloud Cover to Soften...
Car Crash Detection

Bringing a reliable Car Crash Detection feature to Personal Electronics

The introduction of a Car Crash Detection feature into smartphones has recently sparked enthusiasm in the tech community. Either based on a...
Biometric Payment Smart Cards

Infineon & Fingerprint collaborate to bring Biometric Payment Smart Cards to a new level

Infineon Technologies and Fingerprint Cards AB signed a joint development and commercialization agreement of a plug-and-play turnkey solution for Biometric Payment Smart...
Switching Amplifier Technology

Infineon`s new family of Audio Amplifiers features second gen of MERUS Multilevel Switching Amplifier...

When designing portable and battery-powered audio devices for consumer speaker applications, maximizing battery playback time and, at the same time, maintaining excellent...