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Apple vs. Lenovo: Which Brand Is Better?

In the third quarter of 2020, global computer shipments totaled 71.4 million units. That represents a 3.6% increase from the same quarter of...
3D Sensors

3D Depth Sensor based on the Time of Flight (ToF) Technology

The latest 3D image sensor from Infineon & pmdtechnologies is based on the Time of Flight (ToF) Technology aiming to create most...
Cyber Security with AI Technology

Cyber-Security with AI Technology to protect against Deception Attacks

Fujitsu Laboratories announces the development of a technology to make AI models more robust against deception attacks. The company strengthens Cyber-Security with...
drone show

Record-breaking drone show enabled by u‑blox positioning technology

The Geoscan Salute drones used u‑blox NEO-M8P high precision GNSS modules to provide the positioning data necessary to ensure that they can be placed in...
Maxim Integrated's IO-Link Communications Technology

Maxim Integrated’s IO-Link Communications Technology reduces Factory Downtime

MAXREFDES177 IO-Link configurable IO Reference Design reduce Downtime with Intelligence at the Edge, simplifying equipment reconfiguration & commissioning of sensors
GNSS Technology in Smart Altimeters

GNSS-enabled smart altimeter for Aerial Athletes

u-blox positioning technology helps bring smarter altimeters to aerial athletes, improving situational awareness, safety decisions in freefall u‑blox introduces...
Wireless and IoT

Dialog licenses its Conductive Bridging RAM technology to GLOBALFOUNDRIES

GLOBALFOUNDRIES will first offer Dialog’s CBRAM as an embedded, non-volatile resistive RAM Technology on its 22FDX platform, targeting IoT and AI
nanosized transistors

How Nanotechnology Has Impacted Transistors

Transistors have been a staple component in many electronics and have been around for over 70 years. They would not have their...
3d printing San Diego

3D Printing vs Traditional Manufacturing: An Industry Perspective

New technologies are making traditional manufacturing methods change quickly. And one technology that is increasingly being used by the manufacturing industry is...

Infineon & Fingerprint Cards join forces to drive mass deployment of biometric cards

Biometric payment cards with integrated fingerprint sensor make contactless payments more convenient, more secure and hygienic. The contactless card remains in the...