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Zhaga Consortium stmicroelectronics

To advance NFC in lighting market, ST joins Zhaga Consortium

STMicroelectronics(ST) has become an Associate member of the Zhaga Consortium, a global industry organization that aims to standardize interfaces of LED luminaires,...
water meters

u-blox wireless mesh networking technology for connected meters

u-blox has announced that its NINA-B3 stand-alone Bluetooth low energy modules and SARA-R410M-02B LTE‑M / NB‑IoT and EGPRS cellular module for LPWA...
quantum computer

Finland’s first quantum computer

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is launching a project to acquire Finland’s first quantum computer. The first phase...
Random-Access memories


A tantalizing need for faster, smaller and secure memories is driving the industry to leave no stone unturned in creating some cutting-edge...
Electronic Detonators

A Wireless Detonation System Features Electronic Detonators with Bi-Directional Radio Modules

Developed in the Frame of IRT Nanoelec by CEA-Leti and Davey Bickford, to Increase Productivity And Safety at Open Pit Mines.
Prototype including print head, nozzle, and LED system

3D printing in zero gravity

A team of students from Munich University of Applied Sciences has successfully applied for the "Fly Your Thesis 2020!" campaign of the European Space...

How VR and AR are Changing the Face of Business

Technology is always changing and evolving, and what's more, is that it is becoming somewhat a staple in our daily lives. Long...
Nordlynx Server

NordLynx is a new-generation technology that makes the VPN connection faster than ever

NordVPN, the world's leading VPN service provider, is rolling out NordLynx, a new technology, built around the WireGuard protocol, which is considered to be "the...
5G network wireless systems and internet of things with modern c

Microchip Releases Version 2.1 of TimeProviderÒ 4100 Timing Grandmaster

To help 5G mobile providers, cable operators and utility providers ensure phase delivery, protection and synchronization even when the Global Navigation  Satellite...
silicon spin qubits

Intel and QuTech Demonstrate High-Fidelity “Hot” qubits, the fundamental unit of quantum computing

 Intel, in collaboration with QuTech, published a paper in Nature demonstrating the successful control of "hot" qubits, the fundamental unit of quantum computing, at...