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Electronics in Gaming Industry

Role of Electronics in Gaming Industry

Gaming industry is in a boom and increasing rapidly at a very faster rate which has embarked a worldwide impact on each and every...
Ultra Wideband Chipset Market

Ultra-Wideband Chipset Market to Reach a Valuation of ~US$ 24 Mn by 2027

The ultra-wideband technology can be defined as an ultra low power wireless technology, which is used to transfer a large amount of...
Vivek Ghewari, Branch Manager, Visco Tec India

“Future of Dosing Technology Looks Very Promising For Indian Market”

There is no manufacturing or production facility which does not need “dosing” function in some way or another. Dosing technology serves a vast area...

RS Components harnesses Confirmit Text Analytics to Drive Action

Confirmit has announced that RS Components (RS), a global multi-channel provider of industrial and electronic products and solutions, has expanded its highly successful...
op 10 Technology Predictions

Technology Predictions from an Electronic Test Thinktank

New realms of measurement will grow in importance in 2020: Measurement based tools of many kinds are key enablers for the technology-based...
USB4 Standard

Keysight’s R&D Efforts accelerate Adoption of USB4 Standard

Keysight Technologies announced its early research and development in high-speed digital technology will enable the 5G and IoT device ecosystems to accelerate...
NFC tag

Secure Bluetooth Pairing Made Easy with NFC

Near Field Communication (NFC) read and write capabilities are now fully supported in both Android and iOS 13 mobile devices, opening up a...
Non-Invasive Current Sensor

Non-Invasive Current Sensing Technology improves Machine Learning Precision

Purdue University researchers have developed a sensing technology which is Magnetoresistive sensors that work with the machine learning algorithm to provide precision...
Bio-Inspired Neural Network

Fully Integrated Bio-Inspired Neural Network Chip

Leti, a technology research institute, has fabricated a fully integrated bio-inspired neural network. It combines resistive-RAM-based synapses and analog spiking neurons....

Millimeter-Scale Thin-Film Batteries for tiny Energy-Storage Units

In a research result that potentially could expand the market for tiny energy-storage units in medical implantable, injectable and wearable solutions, CEA-Leti has...
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