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Automated Passenger Processing

Vision-Box implements Digital Identity Technology Project for Automated Passenger Processing

Vision-Box announced a strategic alliance with Apollocom and Amadeus. Vision-Box was the selected partner to deliver a scalable digital identity system for...
Quantum Cryptography

Bittium and Insta join forces for Post Quantum Cryptography project

Bittium and Insta are part of a nationally significant Post Quantum Cryptography (PQC) project, funded by the Business Finland Digital Trust program....
General-purpose Module

NEXT-SYSTEM utilizes Honda Technology to create a General-purpose Module AI-FIT

AI-FIT, a General-purpose Module Allows Users To Generate an Avatar According to Their Body Shape Including a Seating Simulation Application Using Pose...
Mouser Electronics

Hear What’s New in Technology with Mouser Electronics’ Tech Between Us Podcast

Mouser Electronics announces a new resource site dedicated to its engaging podcast episodes. The site features all episodes from the Empowering Innovation...
Hybrid Wirewound Technology

Vishay introduced AEC-Q200 qualified Charging Resistor featuring Hybrid Wirewound Technology

Vishay AEC-Q200 Qualified Hybrid Wirewound Charging Resistor Lowers Component Counts & Costs in EVs, HEVs, & PHEVs Vishay Intertechnology...
Sleep Monitoring at home

High-precision Sleep Monitoring at home based on Radar Technology

Infineon & Sleepiz enable High-precision Sleep Monitoring at home based on Infineon XENSIV 60 GHz Radar Technology Billions of...
5 Tech Tips For Startups

5 Tech Tips For Startups

When starting a new business, it is important that you utilize technology that can help you to find early success and level...
Orolia's White Rabbit Technology

Orolia’s White Rabbit Technology earned the Best Time Stamping/Latency Measurement System 

Orolia's White Rabbit technology earned the "Best Time Stamping/Latency Measurement System" recognition during the TradingTech Insight Awards 2022 Europe program held in London on...
Top Trends In Technologies In 2022

Top Trends In Technologies In 2022

Although technology continues to advance at an incredible rate, it's clear that some trends have gained traction due to their ability to...
headset for chronic pain treatment

u-blox technology deployed in Exsurgo’s Axon headset for chronic pain treatment

Empowering chronic pain sufferers to reclaim their lives with technology u-blox and Exsurgo, a company developing technology-based neurological treatments, are...