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Rohde & Schwarz signal creation & analysis software tool

Rohde & Schwarz reveal R&S VSESIM-VSS that combines EDA Simulation with Hardware testing

Rohde & Schwarz R&S VSESIM-VSS signal creation & analysis software tool combines EDA Simulation with Hardware testing & speeds up the development...

Anritsu’s LTE V2X PC5 Communication Supports Cohda Wireless Evaluation Kit

Anritsu Company announces that its LTE V2X PC5 Communications Software MX725000A now supports the Cohda Wireless Communications Module MK6C Evaluation Kit (EVK). The cost-effective...
Testing for Open-RAN Base Station Components

VIAVI collaborates with Picocom on Testing for Open-RAN Base Station Components

VIAVI TM500 supports open fronthaul link & end-to-end testing to advance 5G Viavi Solutions announced collaboration with technology supplier Picocom to provide complete...
Keysight Technologies

vivo selects Keysight’s Channel Emulation for Complex 5G Device Testing

Keysight Technologies announced that vivo, a global technology brand, selected the company's 5G channel emulation solutions to perform complex 5G device testing.
Optical modules for communications

Anritsu Upgraded MP2110A Sampling Oscilloscope PAM4 Evaluation Functions

Standards-Compliant Measurement of PAM4 Signals at Electrical I/F of 50 to 400G Optical Modules Anritsu Corporation is pleased to...
Cellular-V2X test case

Cellular-V2X test case to accelerate 3GPP validation in the Automotive Industry

Rohde & Schwarz in partnership with Quectel announces the verification of selected 3GPP test cases based on a system with its R&S...
Testing Positioning and Navigation Performance

Testing Positioning and Navigation Performance

Positioning and navigation is driving the world’s most advanced applications and with the proliferation of GPS applications, coupled with the advent of...
Quantum Technology Market

Rohde & Schwarz strengthens position in Quantum Technology Market, acquire Zurich Instruments AG

The Rohde & Schwarz technology group, a trailblazer in future areas such as 6G and autonomous driving, will now also be active...
Rohde & Schwarz R&S RTO 6 GHz class oscilloscope

Rohde & Schwarz introduces the next generation of its R&S RTO 6 GHz class...

New R&S RTO6 oscilloscopes from Rohde & Schwarz deliver instant insights thanks to enhanced usability & performance Rohde &...
Flying Probe test system

Dual-Sided Flying Probe Tester with Big Board Handling Capability

Takaya's APT-1600FD-SL Dual Sided Flying Probe test system for assembled PCBAs delivers both high speed and a larger testing area designed to...