Microchip Launched Dual mode Bluetooth audio products

Dual mode Bluetooth audio products have been introduced by Microchip. The IS206X family builds on the IS202X portfolio of SoC devices and modules by introducing Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) capability. Engineered for speakers, headsets and gaming headphones, this flash-based platform allows audio manufacturers to incorporate wireless connectivity in streaming music and voice-command applications.

A 32bit DSP core provides the framework to develop algorithms for advanced audio and voice processing. Sound systems comprised of multiple Bluetooth speakers benefit from low latency audio streaming, resulting in tightly synchronised audio playback amongst each speaker. Applications such as professional headsets benefit from high definition voice, achieved with an implementation of 16kHz wideband voice with noise suppression and echo cancellation. The added firmware update capability allows for product software, and configuration features enhancements over time.

Qualified for Bluetooth v4.2, the IS206X family supports enhanced data rate links and the standard audio profiles. The combination of BLE and advanced audio distribution profile enables smartphone-to-speaker communication via a mobile app. Customised apps provide creative control features such as pairing, remote control and audio effect adjustments.

For designs that require a turn-key solution for fast time to market, module configurations are available with either a Class 1 or a Class 2 device.

Source: http://www.newelectronics.co.uk

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