Automotive chipsets to support functional safety in LCDs

Chipsets from ROHM and LAPIS Semiconductor are designed to drive and control automotive LCDs, including larger high resolution monitors used for navigation and the instrument cluster.

The chipsets integrate a gamma correction IC, timing controller, source driver, and gate driver for driving HD/FHD class displays, along with a power management IC to ensure optimum drive operation.

Each IC is designed to share information as needed, achieving automotive-grade reliability. Compatibility with LCDs for side mirrors and speedometers is also provided.

In addition, chipset optimisation is said to allow ROHM to cover a range of specifications, while integrating a fail detection function in the timing controller to verify operation, making it possible to configure high resolution LCD panels.

Each IC configured in the chipset integrates a function for mutually selecting the expected failure mode. As a result, it is possible to complementarily detect panel failure and confirm and provide feedback on information such as input signals to the LCD as well as peeling/destruction of the LCD driver.

The power management IC includes a double register for detecting abnormalities and auto-refresh function to enable recovery during abnormal operation, ensuring high reliability against unexpected influences such as noise. The setting of each output can be changed by simply rewriting the internal register value.


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