SmartMesh IP WSNs expand to address IIoT networks

The SmartMesh IP wireless sensor network (WSN) product line from Linear Technology has expanded to address the growing needs of industrial IoT applications.

New capabilities include the SmartMesh VManager networking software, which is said to increase the mesh network capacity to thousands of nodes and runs on an X86-based Virtual Machine that can be located anywhere with an IP connection, including the Cloud.

The new Blink mode, an ultralow power roaming node capability, addresses applications where nodes may need to move in and out of the mesh and send data several times per day. Thousands of SmartMesh IP Blink nodes can send data into a mesh-mode SmartMesh network while consuming an average of less than 3µA of power.

SmartMesh IP, based on 6LoWPAN, is said to allow secure deployment of battery-operated IoT sensors in harsh environments with more than 10 years of battery life.

According to the company, SmartMesh networks self-form, self-heal and continuously self-optimise while providing NIST-certified security.