Peregrine Semiconductor Announces Webinar on Analog Beamforming

Peregrine Semiconductor Corp., founder of RF SOI (silicon on insulator) and pioneer of advanced RF solutions, announces its sponsorship of a Jan. 24 Microwaves & RF webinar titled, “Analog Beamforming – What is it and How Does it Impact Phased-Array Radar and 5G?” Peregrine’s technical marketing manager Andrew Christie will deliver the presentation.

As 5G communication systems are rolled out and phased-array radar spreads its reach to non-military applications, the microwave and RF industry has taken a keen interest in beamforming. This technical webinar will dive into beamforming systems—the typical uses, digital versus analog, nulling effects, unwanted interference, side-lobe suppression, non-line-of-sight (NLOS) environments and urban environments. Using Peregrine Semiconductor’s PE19601 MPAC–Beamforming device as an example, this presentation will also discuss Peregrine’s philosophy and approach to solving technical challenges with beamforming.

This webinar will be on Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2017 at 2 p.m. ET (11 a.m. PT) and will:

  • Explore typical beamforming uses including phased-array radar and future communication systems such as 5G
  • Define analog versus digital beamforming
  • Uncover what matters for complex beamforming
  • Examine beam steering in urban environments and NLOS environments
  • Present the attributes a beamformer should possess

Share Peregrine Semiconductor’s philosophy and approach to solving technical challenges with beamforming

After the live webinar, a video recording will be available in SOI University, a section of Peregrine’s online newsroom. SOI University includes presentations, webinars and educational videos focused on RF SOI.

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