Building the IoT: Critical Device-Level Technologies

Silicon semiconductor integrated circuits (ICs) are today’s technological pinnacle. Across more than four decades, IC processing, memory and storage capabilities have continued to increase while costs have largely shrank, creating unparalleled business opportunities. With a global market of more than (USD) $355 billion, semiconductor technologies play a role in every aspect of life and are poised to have even greater impact thanks to the unfettered connectivity made possible by the Internet of Things (IoT).
While the IoT’s potential is undeniable, how can companies find their role in this new market? Are IoT opportunities regional? How can researchers, designers, developers and manufacturers create opportunities ahead of the market reaching its stride by the mid-2020s?

 Building the IoT: Critical Device-Level Technologies
How large might the IoT become?
Yet new opportunities often bring unexpected challenges, which is exactly why the 2017 IoT International conference is more crucial to your business strategy and growth than ever before.

Hear from experts across all aspects of the supply chain as they address these key themes:
1. IoT diversity: The Billion Device ‘Niche’ – Creating secure connections between devices through the internet has enabled myriad applications from Smart City to the industrial IoT. Linking wearable technologies through the IoT expands its potential by serving even more markets while also raising the performance bar. How is programming technology adapting to IoT requirements? Where can new ideas create opportunities for start-ups? What new connected products are about to emerge and how will the requirements for precision in medical care drive other IoT needs?
2. IoT Device-Level R&D, Manufacturing and Supply Chain – Building dependable relationships across the supply chain help ensures success in any marketplace. This is especially critical for IoT device-level developers since low-power interconnected devices need to economical and quick-to-market. What can case studies show us about developing new supply chain relationships? How can companies unobtrusively monitor performance across the chain? How can best practices enable start-ups to compete like seasoned industry veterans?
3. IoT Security – Perhaps no other IoT topic touches so many aspects of long-term success than security. Across the IoT, security needs to be simple, unobtrusive and omnipresent. Learn from those developing IoT security how some early presumptions led to faulty conclusions; see how security professionals are coping with today’s threats. How can proximity be utilized to ensure secure operations? How does contextual awareness support secure protocols? How can access be withdrawn or controlled across the enterprise or through gateways for maximum effectiveness?
4. IoT Sensors – While sensors are critical to data collection and manipulation, their size, capabilities and power needs are not identical. We will delve into sensor types and examine use cases that facilitate development. How can existing MEMS devices be leveraged across different platforms? How are sensors used in the industrial IoT and can these IIoT products automatically suit consumer, commercial or public space needs? How can we generate more revenue without infringing upon privacy? Will new sensor technologies supplant silicon due to the insurgents’ abilities to withstand and thrive in harsh environments?
6. Device Technologies and the IoT Business – While the work of technology is goal driven—quantifiable and deliberate—the evolution of the IoT is very organic. It may be convenient to think of the IoT in terms of products, but the ‘why?’ behind a design is every bit as important as its architecture. How will the IoT evolve into a secure, international and global data sharing enclave? How will the IoT create wealth? How is security evolving to embrace new approaches such as blockchain-based collaboration? How are unlicensed networks including SIGFOX and LoRa going to operate alongside NB-IoT or the plethora of other standards now seeking a spot at the table?
The IoT opportunity is not yet quantifiable. Attend the 2017 IoT International Conference (7- 8 March, Brussels, Belgium) and make certain that your corporate development strategies allow your company to benefit from the opportunities of the IoT immediately.

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