Innovative Seating Conference -2017

Innovative Seating Conference -2017

February 20-23 in Dusseldorf, Germany

What Distinguishes This Event?

  • Find out about smart textiles products that enhance automotive seat comfort to differentiate from competitors
  • Learn about light weight performance in seat structures and frames without compromising structural and safety performance
  • Get insights on new technologies and methods to enhance comfort to fulfill customer expectations
  • Discover how to overcome the conflict between cost reduction and the use of new materials by assessing pros and cons of different materials

Sponsorship Opportunities
IQPC has been hosting events developed for Senior executives for more than thirty years. We serve businesses representing over 15 industries at more than 1500 conferences around the globe. Our client list includes corporations like Ricoh, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Walmart, Carlson, Mercedes Benz, ABN AMRO, IBM, Cisco, Wachovia, Pfizer, Chevron Texaco, Cingular and T-mobile just to name a select few. Senior executives travel from around the world to our events looking to garner best practices and concrete solutions to assist them in improving their organizations. IQPC provides many different platforms for sponsors to increase their market share and awareness to their target audience through leveraging different sponsorship opportunities involved with our events.

Innovative Seating Agenda 2017

Key topic areas in 2017:

  • Driver and passenger experience – most important trends and added value factors
  • Next generation of seating innovation – help address health and wellness benefits and integrated safety
  • Reduce weight and improve interiors – high-performance seats
  • Comfort – create the perfect seat for all
  • Smart Textiles – Fabrics – Leather: Luxury textiles vs cost vs customer satisfaction:Is there life after leather?
  • The future role of the vehicle seat in autonomous driving – What opportunities will greater vehicle automation offer the seat design of vehicles?

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