Meerut Cantonment board installs LED lights on zebra crossing

Meerut: The Meerut Cantonment Board (MCB) has installed LED lights on a zebra crossing at Mall Road, in what it claims is a first of its kind in India. The initiative is part of the smart cantonment project, and will be launched this week. The zebra crossing with LED lights at Gandhi Bagh will be fully functional next week, and the MCB claims will be a first of its kind in India. “This is going to be the first time in India that LED zebra crossing is being installed. And it will all be at no extra cost of electricity as solar energy will be used.”, said MA Zafar, media officer, MCB.

The technology, that will draw electricity via solar energy, will be first used at Gandhi Bagh crossing and if all goes well, it will be used at all nine crossings on Mall Road as well as other major crossings in the Cantt area.

“We have been testing this technology for some time now and after a lot of research and hard-work have been able to finalise the design. We have laid out most of the LED panels on the zebra crossing near Gandhi Bagh. The tests have been successful”, said Piyush Gautam, Assistant Engineer, MCB.

The LED lights are being installed with the intention of making life easier and safer for pedestrians. “We are also testing a sensor which will make the LED lights blink whenever a pedestrian is passing by. That is still at the experimental stage, though”, added Gautam.