Techrules is bringing an ‘aerospace-inspired’ supercar to Geneva

At least year’s Geneva Motor Show, Chinese automotive R&D company Techrules promised us it would be ready to start production of an all-electric supercar within “a couple of years”. Cue many raised eyebrows.

Now it’s back, and will bring to Geneva a car. Techrules says only that it will reveal the “dramatic design details of its production supercar” (whether it’s revealing the actual, production car isn’t clear), which has an “aerospace-inspired design crafted by world-renowned automotive designers, Fabrizio and Giorgetto Giugiaro”.

The car will also harbor Techrules’s ‘Turbine-Recharging Electric Vehicle’ (TREV, for short) powertrain, which in essence uses a micro-turbine to charge an ‘advanced’ battery pack. The company promises the system requires very little hardware, saving weight and space, that it may “redefine how the next generation of electric vehicles is powered” and “deliver a unique blend of ultimate performance, brutal power and unparalleled efficiency”.

We know that this year’s car will have a central driving position and a fighter-jet style canopy. The interior itself will also be aircraft-inspired, and finished with “premium quality materials”.

We’ll bring you more from the show floor. For now, we remain decidedly skeptical.