How gateway technology makes connecting industrial assets easier

The cloud’s up there. Your devices are down here. So how do you connect them, particularly when they may be offline, in multiple buildings or factories, and often also geographically dispersed?

Connecting your existing devices to modern cloud solutions is the first step to reaping the benefits of the Internet of Things (IoT). But this step can seem daunting if your legacy industrial assets aren’t cloud-aware, can’t encrypt for security or aren’t TCP/IP-enabled.

The Microsoft Azure IoT Gateway SDK is designed to connect legacy devices and sensors to the Azure cloud without having to replace existing infrastructure. In our work with connectivity providers like ProSoft Technology, we are making it even simpler to connect industrial assets to the cloud.

The development team for the ProSoft PLX gateway are using the Azure IoT Gateway SDK to build and deploy “edge intelligence” modules that optimize and process data before it’s sent to the cloud to help their customers connect devices to the cloud in minutes and start using the remote monitoring capabilities of the Azure IoT Suite. ProSoft PLX gateways communicate directly and securely with Azure IoT Hub through the Azure IoT Gateway SDK, enabling enterprises to monitor, analyze, report on and create alarms based on the data connected devices send to the cloud.

With gateway technology from Azure IoT and connectivity providers like Prosoft, legacy devices don’t need to delay your goal of connecting your existing assets to the cloud.