PHP Controller Internet Of Things Development PlatForm

If you enjoy building Internet of Things projects you might be interested in a new IoT development platform which has been created in the form of PHP Controller.

Taking the form of a web-based controller which as the name suggests has been developed in PHP, is easy to install and customise to meet your needs but provides a wide variety of different features and huge potential to develop your next IoT application.

The developer behind the new Internet of Things development platform explains more about its inspiration and design.

PHP Controller is a powerful software platform that permits to make a customized automation system using a web-based technology, very useful for developing of Internet of Things applications. If you have in mind Arduino and Raspberry Pi modules, you can consider Php Controller as the software version of these low cost development platforms.

PHP Controller is designed for prototypists, developers, web designers and students and offers a ready-to-start software controller that you can customize for your purposes with few steps, in order to manage remote I/O boards organized in a client-server architecture, to which sensors and actuators are connected.

Every developer can realize very easly an automation system, to connect sensors and actuators to low cost electronic modules, as well as to professional boards, and to unleash the talent to realize own personal communication scripts in php language (also integrable with other programming languages), managing I/O interface boards of all brands!

Features :

• In one step you can design the control logic and the graphical interface
• It’s not needs a big skill in programming
• The platform is web based and it’s needs only a common web browser to interact with    your automation system
• You can speak with your I/O using a pc, a smartphone, a tablet
• It has a very low price!