Developing countries support cybersecurity: Official

The Communications and Information Ministry’s International Cooperation Center head, Ikhsan Baidirus, said developing countries had agreed to give close attention to the strengthening of cybersecurity during the regional preparatory meeting for 2017 World Telecommunication Development Conference in Bali.

“Indonesia’s proposal on follow-up discussions about cybersecurity issues has received wide support from developing countries. Cybersecurity is not on the International Telecommunication Union [ITU] agenda but we are striving to put it in its programs,” he said as quoted by Antara after the closing of the meeting in Legian on Thursday.

The meeting aims to unite the common interests of countries in the Asia-Pacific. All aspirations will be brought to the World Telecommunication Development conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in October. Representatives of 29 ITU member countries from the Asia-Pacific attended the Bali meeting.

Ikhsan said he was aware that ITU as a world telecommunication organization had mandated the development of infrastructure of communications and information technology, and not content development.

However, he said, the safety of network infrastructure to prevent the misuse of communications and information technology, such as to spread negative content, must be improved further.

Ikhsan said developing countries agreed on the high importance of cybersecurity, including cyber norms, given differences of culture, social and political situations in each country.

Indonesia Telecommunication Regulation Agency commissioner Imam Nashiruddin said several countries also suggested follow-up discussions on cybersecurity be proposed in the Asia-Pacific Telecommunity meeting in Bangkok, Thailand, in April.

“Cybersecurity has long been in our concern but it has yet to become an ITU resolution.” (rdi/ebf)