New LED Street Lights in Chandigarh to Have Dimming Feature | Will Save Rs. 7 Crore on Annual Bill

Chandigarh is really getting closer to becoming a smart city. The advancements coming to Chandigarh are unmatchable and are no less than a foreign country. The Chandigarh Municipal Government has decided to come up with one more advancement in the city. All the existing streetlights will be converted into LED street lights in Chandigarh. This project will help the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation save Rs. 7 crore annually.

LED Street Lights In Chandigarh
Chandigarh Municipal Corporation has signed an agreement with Energy Efficient Services Limited. Under this agreement, about 48,000 street lights will be replaced with LED street lights in Chandigarh. The project of replacing the street lights with LED street lights will cost the MC Rs 55 crore.

After the replacement of street lights with LED street lights, there will not be any non-functional street light in Chandigarh. Chandigarh Municipal Corporation’s project will include infrastructure, commissioning and service and maintenance of the LED street lights, financing, supply, installation, post-installation maintenance, warranty replacement.

No expense of the project will be beared by the Municipal Corporation. The Energy Efficient Services Limited (EESL) will be bearing the entire cost of the project. EESL will be buying back the old lights.

Energy Saving Project
Chandigarh Municipal Corporation’s upcoming project would save up to 50-60% energy. The electricity bills would also be reduced up to Rs. 6-7 crore annually.

The present electricity bill for streetlights in Chandigarh amounts to Rs 12.64 crore annually.

Officers of Energy Efficient Services Limited (EESL) and Chandigarh Municipal Corporation would be doing a survey of all the areas of Chandigarh. Initially, EESL would be maintaing the lights for seven years.

How The Lights Will Be Monitored
The lights will be monitored by installing the Centralised Control and Monitoring System. The Control Monitoring Systems will be linked to desktops of Municipal Corporation’s officers. All the lights will be controlled by the officers through Centralised Control and Monitoring Systems (CCMS).

The lights will also be having a special dimming feature. With the dimming feature, the lights will be switched on at a particular time in the evening and will decrease by 50% during the early morning hours in order to save electricity.

By: Tushar Pasrija

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