BDS Introduces the New L-Series LED Patient Light

Beaverstate Dental Systems (BDS) announces the release of their new L-series LED patient light. “We have designed an operatory light that provides all the advantages of an LED, while remaining in the comparable price range of a halogen,” states BDS President Rick Whitman. “We excel at offering more bang for the buck, each and every time. It doesn’t have to cost you more to get a long-lived, reliable product. Our L-Series is low wattage, with a 5,000-5,500 K color temperature. With multiple mounting configurations and 3-Axis head rotation, our LED lends itself to increased flexibility.”

The BDS L-Series LED patient light is comprised of 4 models, each of which is designed with a focal pattern of 4″X6″ to fully illuminate the oral cavity, and to eliminate glare. Additionally, BDS’ L-Series uses less energy than traditional halogen lights, while providing comparable illumination. The L-Series also features a feather touch dimming function that allows the light to be set at any intensity, from low to high.

“The L-Series light’s multiple intensity setting provides a great diagnostic tool for the doctor or hygienist working in the oral cavity,” says BDS Vice President of Sales and Marketing Jeff Bunker. “With a focal distance of 29″, subtle differences of tissue become highly visual, which supports the dentist or hygienist in providing proper care for their patients.”

“I have an awesome dental office, I feel really blessed to be able to work in this environment,” states Dr. David Chotiner, DMD, San Diego, CA. “In the end, it should be known that you can make an office look this good, and it doesn’t have to cost a million dollars.”

“BDS products are characterized by simple, durable designs which allow American quality to be affordable to everyone,” states BDS President Rick Whitman. “We continuously set the standard for value, reliability and quality. BDS provides unparalleled customer service, and our products are backed by the industry’s best warranty. We strive to be totally accountable for the service and support our customers want and deserve.”

BDS’ mission is to manufacture the most efficient equipment possible. Since 1970, the company has provided reliable, durable products that are hand built in Oregon. BDS offers a wide variety of operatory configurations, all of it simple and built to last. From individual hand piece controls to full operatory systems, the focus is function. Cost effective and diverse, BDS offers its customers the longevity they deserve.

Source: Marketwired