What is Narrowband IoT? Definition and Future Applications

Connecting the internet of hidden things

Narrowband IoT illustration
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What is Narrowband IoT?

Narroband IoT (NB-IoT) is a new way of communicating with things using a Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) to reach wider area, over a long period in small amount of data. It is also known as LTE Cat NB1 and used to connect devices more simply and efficiently on already established telecommunications network and handles small amounts of fairly infrequent 2‑way data, securely and reliably.

Narrowband IoT
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What makes it future technology?

  • Increase battery life and reduce power consumption
  • Excellent range in underground and difficult to reach areas
  • More secure and reliable
  • Cost effective
  • Easy deployment in existing network architecture
Narrowband IoT Application
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Future Narrowband IoT Applications:

Smart Metering: Reach in most challenging areas makes NB-IoT most suited for gas and water meters. Network coverage is a key challenge in smart metering which can be overcome using NB-IoT. We can build our future smart meters using Narrowband IoT.

Smart Cities: Narrowband IoT can play an important role in smart cities dream to fulfill. To monitor empty spaces in parking, monitoring waste bins to be emptying, surveying of roads and many more.

Smart Building: NB-IoT can be used to monitor building health, can send alerts and perform some automated work like heat and light control.

Wearable: It’s not possible to keep your wearable connected with outer world in challenging areas like, underground roofs, hills, and dense populated areas. Animal and people tracking will be possible through NB-IoT.

Agriculture and Environment: It will offer farmers to track animal movement, track their animal location, weather condition, pollution, noise and humidity of soil.

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