What is IoE or Internet of Everything?

Internet of Everything is the networked connection of people, process, data and things.

The concept of Internet of Everything is nothing but the extended version of Internet of things which includes intelligent and robust communication between machines to people, machine to machine, people to machines and people to people. This term first originated at the Cisco and defines IoE as intelligent network of people, process, data and things.

The “Internet of Everything” describes a world where objects have sensors to detect measures and assess their status, connected over private or public network. IoE brings people, process, data and things together to make connected objects more relevant than ever before.

Internet of Everything
Image Source Cisco

Market: According to the press published on Cisco, Internet of everything is a $4.6 trillion opportunity for the global public sector by 2022.

Project: UIDAI (Adhar Card) is one of the biggest Internet of Everything based project in India which is under process and will change the lifestyle of Indian People in Next 5 year.

Citizen Benefits: Smart Parking and Traffic control in France, Drivers are alerted about open spaces. Potential to reduce traffic congestion by 30%, boost in parking revenue and reduce CO2 emissions.

Elements of Internet of Everything:

People: People will connect through smart phones, tablets and computers and soon will start to wear sensors on their skin or clothes to collect and transmit data to their health care providers.

Process: Delivering the right information to the right person (or machine) at the right time.

Things: It includes number of elements like sensors, meters, actuators and many devices objects that can be attached to any other objects in network. These objects will be able to connect with each other and communicate the data over the network.

Data: Connected things will send higher-level information and insights back to machines, computers, and people in real time for further evaluation and decision making.

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