Cloudstreet and Goodmill Systems Partner to Deliver Flawless Mobile Connectivity and Coverage for Critical Communications

Helsinki, Finland – Cloudstreet, the Nokia spin-off, and Dynamic Network Slicing innovator specialized in delivering SLA-assured mobile Internet connectivity on-demand, and Goodmill Systems, a leader in providing uninterrupted mobile broadband connectivity, are pleased to announce that they have entered into a strategic partnership to extend failsafe connectivity for public safety personnel and vehicles. The partnership brings together two strong Finnish innovators and EU Horizon 2020 grant winners whose combined offerings provide a true paradigm shift for the Critical Communications industry.

True to their slogan, “Always online”, Goodmill Systems, have solved the critical issue of ensuring cross-carrier connectivity by allowing users and devices to seamlessly “hop” multiple LTE networks to provide uninterrupted service for the gamut of life- and mission- critical public safety applications. Cloudstreet’s SLA-assured, Dynamic Network Slicing technology ensures public safety operatives dedicated mobile capacity and ultra-low latency within each cell of a network wherever and whenever they need it, even in the face of chronic congestion.

Together, the two companies provide a true End-to-End (E2E) solution for the safety- and security-essential demands of coverage, capacity and latency-assured throughput across multiple, heterogeneous networks. Taken as a whole, the strategic business and technology partnership eliminates the final hurdle for Critical Communications as the industry moves from its previous, voice-centric generation of dedicated public safety networks (like TETRA), to leveraging the full power, reach and data-handling capacity of 4G LTE and ultimately 5G networks. These combined platforms will not only bring business-critical cost savings to budget-conscious public safety agencies world-wide, but finally deliver on the mandate of ensuring truly pervasive connectivity when and where it is needed most.

“This partnership removes the last obstacle for Critical Communications from a network connectivity perspective and well in advance of the arrival of 5G,” said Petteri Suomalainen, CEO and Co-Founder of Goodmill Systems. “By combining Cloudstreet’s next-generation Dynamic Network Slicing platform, for today’s 4G LTE networks with Goodmill System’s ability to deliver cross-carrier connectivity, ensuring public safety operatives as “Always Online”, this partnership not only dramatically advances Critical Communications infrastructure, but directly supports the industry’s mandate to ensure the safety and security of citizens and save lives. We are excited to be working with a fellow innovator like Cloudstreet to make this a reality.”

“Bringing these essential innovations together effectively closes the loop on a core public safety requirement.” said Mika Skarp, CTO and Founder of Cloudstreet. “While much of our industry focuses on expanding network capacity, in an era of ever finite mobile bandwidth, our Critical Communications infrastructure needs moreover to ensure reliability and interoperability across public networks. By combining Cloudstreet’s Dynamic Network Slicing with Goodmill’s hybrid mobile network connectivity we are delivering precisely on these mission- and life-critical demands.”

Brendan Tully Walsh
Marketing Head, Cloudstreet
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Juhani Lehtonen
VP Sales & Marketing
Goodmill Systems Ltd.
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About Goodmill Systems

Goodmill Systems Ltd. is a Global market leader in critical broadband connectivity for vehicles. Goodmill brings you revolutionary multi-channel router solutions that enable outstanding Broadband connectivity ensuring constant data flow in demanding conditions where connectivity is critical. Visit us online at

About Cloudstreet

Founded in 2010, Cloudstreet is a Nokia-incubated telecom innovator from Finland dedicated to revolutionizing mobile connectivity, empowering user choice and driving new mobile operator revenues by leading the transition to Application-Aware Networks. Leveraging the power of Software Defined Networks and Network Function Virtualization (SDN/NFV) to enable Dynamic (app-, user-, location- and context-aware) Network Slicing in 4G and 5G networks, Cloudstreet has delivered the world’s first Quality-of-Experience-guaranteed mobile bandwidth-on-demand solution. Winner of the European Union’s coveted Horizon 2020 grant, and awarded Best Connectivity Solution for IoT by the World Communications Awards in 2016, Cloudstreet provides a cost-effective, revenue-generating platform for a world of applications spanning IPTV/OTT Mobile Video, AR/VR, IoT, M2M, Video Conferencing, Healthtech, Public Safety / Critical Communications and Smart Cities. For more information about Cloudstreet, visit us online at