Epcom World Industries Selects Zenoss for Hybrid IT Monitoring and Analytics

Platform Flexibility Enables Intelligent Service Assurance in Complex Customer Environments

AUSTIN, Texas – Zenoss Inc., the leader in hybrid IT monitoring and analytics software, today announced that Epcom World Industries Inc., a global provider of technology products and services for business, nonprofit, education and government, has selected Zenoss to provide intelligent service assurance across its portfolio of customer solutions.

Epcom World Industries relies heavily on Cisco, Dell, HP and Microsoft to power its offerings, which include network design and implementation, enterprise computer and server consulting, cybersecurity network solutions, global telecommunication services, and secure compliance website hosting for companies of all sizes. Zenoss enables Epcom World Industries to quickly identify and manage all global resources impacted by a device or application event, identify at-risk services, and prevent outages across the diverse environments of their broad customer base.

“Epcom World Industries provides the global community with extraordinary products, service and support,” said Rudy Pancaro, president and CEO at Epcom World Industries. “The Zenoss platform gives us unprecedented end-to-end visibility and control across our entire range of complex customer infrastructures, allowing us to ensure our customers’ success and perfectly maintain, as well as guarantee, all service-level agreements to our enterprise clients.”

Zenoss helps enterprise organizations deliver intelligent service assurance at scale by monitoring cloud, virtual and physical infrastructures from a single unified platform for a faster time to value, reduced costs, and elimination of downtime. Built for modern IT infrastructures, the Zenoss platform gives customers IT performance and risk insights into their unique IT ecosystems through real-time analytics that adapt to constantly changing data centers and cloud infrastructures, enabling them to eliminate disruptions and accelerate business outcomes.

By working to make technology easier to deploy, understand and operate, Epcom World Industries gives both consumers and businesses the ability to obtain and maximize all technology purchases and services.

Brian Wilson, chief customer officer for Zenoss, said that partnering with Epcom World Industries was a perfect match as both organizations share the belief that moving technology forward and understanding its benefits extends the boundaries for all users.

For more information visit: https://www.zenoss.com