Why Internet of Things is next Gen technology for Business

The year 2017 is the best know for IoT to came into business effective process. It is expected that the overall industry will experience 50 billion connected devices by 2020.  Well, the exponential connectivity growth is not so far. The Internet of Things (IoT)  is the next great revolution in technology, where every object will be connected with sensor, enabling internet as a means of communication.

Important Stats:

As per the expert’s estimation the IoT market to expand $1.7 trillion by 2020, connecting approx 50 billion devices. The question is, from where the growth come from? Certainly, U.S. rules the forefront of technological developments, whereas China is in the middle of a massive economic expansion. Then, who will witness the IoT transformation? India to experience the IoT growth, and to become the largest consumer of IoT devices in the years to come.

Business Prospective:

As the future of IoT is bright in India, businesses are more likely to take advantage of the IoT benefits. The industrial automation and efficient operations will soon take over the overall industry. For instance; Logistic is expected to enhance its operation with IoT devices. Many companies have already joined the race to maximize their transportation. Apart from this, in order to make the IoT more accessible, today some of the businesses are focusing to develop a platform’s design.

Right from the way we work and play, IoT will change everything. This technology will transform and assure accuracy, efficiency, and overall productivity. Now, IoT will enable us with better equipped connected device, helping us to make smart and swift business decisions, delight our customers and predict the accurate requirement.


Whenever, innovation is introduced in the tech world, there are many challenges that will still remain the same. However, overcoming these issues, we can get a wholesome approach to success, as the future of the IoT in India is a promising, not to doubt. Visualizing the positive impact, the government is on the way to back sincere effort to develop better infrastructure. Hence different industry verticals are endeavoring to develop innovative products, and understand the benefits the Internet of Things provides.

Further, with sufficient  time and resources, the IoT implementation in different business shows great and impressive result on a large scale.


With the Internet of Things fast approach, that the world could become a reality very soon. At Mobiloitte, we aim to deliver highly proven solutions that benefits and ease consumer insight, productivity and smart offices.

By: Neelam Kumari
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