Ultra-Low Jitter Clocking Enables 10G Ethernet Performance

Silicon Labs Clock Generator Packs More Functionality in a Smaller Space


A market-leading enterprise switch manufacturer needed to migrate from GbE to 10GbE on an enterprise switch design.


Since 10GbE has more stringent jitter requirements than GbE, the customer designed in the ultra-low jitter Si5341 clock generator.  This single device provides all PHY, switch and CPU clocks, simplifying design while providing 80% margin to system-level jitter specifications.


Silicon Labs’ patented technology enables a single clock generator to synthesize any combination of clocks, enabling a single-chip clock tree for most applications.  Industry-leading jitter performance of 100 fs RMS helps ensure first pass design success and minimized error rates in high-speed data communication systems.

Timing Fundamentals:

  • Clock Tree: The combination of devices, including clock generators, oscillators and buffers that generate, distribute and synchronize the clock signal(s) in a system
  • Jitter: Timing variation of a clock signal from its ideal value
  • Jitter Margin (aka jitter budget): Jitter margin is the difference between the actual system jitter and the allowable jitter which still supports a given data rate

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