Calling Out On Hardware Innovators And Makers For 3rd Edition Of InnoNation

InnoNation By iSPIRT Looks For Innovators And Makers In Hardware Space For A 2-Day Bootcamp

InnoNation (earlier Innofest), which is an iSPIRT initiative, has announced the third edition of its annual showcase to be held in Bengaluru. The two-day event is focussed towards bringing the best experts, innovators, and makers under one roof to inspire the next generation of innovators building IoT, Robotics and other related hardware startups.

InnoNation, a movement committed towards the cause of innovation led entrepreneurship, is looking to pave way for innovation-led entrepreneurship in the country. The two-day event, scheduled for August 25-26 2017 will provide 60 curated innovative startups/innovators/makers an opportunity to be part of a boot camp and a showcase day.

Interested IoT, Robotics and hardware startups wanting to participate for InnoNation can apply here!

What’s In Store For IoT And Hardware Startups/Innovators/Makers?

Innovators and startups will get a chance to get hands-on trainingthrough various workshops. These include the iKEN Workshop, a workshop on crowdfunding, design, packaging, etc. They will also get access to sessions on regulatory compliances and more.

InnoNation: Key Highlights

  • iKEN Workshop.
  • Minimum viable product boot camp.
  • Workshop on crowdfunding.
  • Workshop on design.
  • Workshop on packaging.
  • Product design & usability study.
  • Learning session about regulatory compliances.

Apart from the networking opportunities with peers, participating startups will also get a chance to meet accelerators, investors and as well as TBIs.

Who Can Participate?

  • An innovator/maker/startup who has a prototype, but facing difficulties to gain contacts to enter production. For such entrepreneurs, InnoNation will bridge the gap between innovators and industry experts who can evaluate the prototype, and judge its market viability. The two-day event is packed with sessions on product design, access to low volume manufacturing possibilities, help take the prototype to the next stage.
  • For entrepreneurs/innovators/makers that have a product but lack market knowledge or experience, InnoNation will aim to bridge this gap. Startups will get a chance to get relevant feedback on the market viability and accessibility of the product. They will also get access to industry experts and mentors.

Interested IoT and hardware innovators interested in participating for InnoNation by iSPIRT can apply here! And for attending the event, click here.