Cyber Security is Now Becoming an Integral Part of all IT Backbones : Govind Rammurthy

Electronics Media had an interview with Mr. Govind Rammurthy, CEO and MD of eScan, one of the leading Anti-Virus & Content Security solutions for Desktops, Smartphones and Servers. Mr. Rammurthy has shared his insights on cyber security and content security. EXCERPTS

Electronics Media: At what amount cyber-attacks have hit the Indian business and is it a concern to individuals or only to businesses?

Govind Rammurthy: Though there have been very few confirmed reports, it has been estimated that millions of revenue loss has happened due to various cyber attacks and huge loss of data from various large organizations in India. With the rapid digitization India is going though and technological changes happening there are concerns by many CISOs about the safety of Data and financial loss. Though earlier it was limited to large businesses, today even individuals are worried about the loss of their personal information and financial losses.

Electronics Media: What measures organizations have to take in order to prevent their data from cyber-attacks in era of internet of things?

Govind Rammurthy: There has been a tectonic shift in terms of business operations today with adoption of technology, which has increased the convenience of reaching out to customers 24 x7. Having said that, it has also opened up the businesses to the ever growing cyber threats. Hence, it becomes critical for organizations to adopt the latest cyber security measures at layered model, continuous monitoring and set up alert systems to track and mitigate threats before they can create havoc. With IoT becoming integral part of connected world, it is also becomes more complex and critical to use robust security measures to protect from cyber attacks.

Cyber security is now becoming an integral part of all IT backbones and an essential across sectors like BFSI, defence, education, or even at an individual level. One of the key trends observed in the recent past is that of ransomware, DDoS and APT attacks, that is creating havoc across India as well as globally. Proactive security solution needs to be an integral part of the growing digital life of individual to businesses. As data theft of any kind be it financial or personal information are under constant attack by hackers to cyber attackers. An aware consumer or business can stay safe if they anticipate and be prepared with strong security measures during the online activities or usage. Hence security solutions are essential to be part of both the facilitator as well as the user.

Apart from the safety, there has to be strong laws and policies to be made by government to protect and mitigate issues quickly for cyber victims. This would create a lot more confident for users to embrace technology.

Electronics Media: According to you what are the USP of e-scan and key market of e-scan?

Govind Rammurthy: eScan being a pure play security solution provider has an array of solutions to protect the networks and endpoints of very large to small businesses apart from SOHO users. With our strong R&D capabilities, we have incorporated technologies like MicroWorld Winsock Layer (MWL), Proactive Behavioral Analysis Engine (PBAE), Host Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS), Domain & IP Reputation Check and Non-Intrusive Learning Pattern (NILP) Technology to provide real-time protection against Ransomware, DDoS, APT and other cyber-attacks. Our eScan and MailScan product portfolio includes Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Content Security, Anti-Spam and Network Intrusion Prevention solutions etc which protects our users from any kind of cyber attacks. Our security products are segregated in three segments that are designed to usit the needs of small offices and homes, small and medium businesses and large enterprises.

Electronics Media: What are your suggestions to keep smart phones, mail boxes and websites secure from cyber criminals?

Govind Rammurthy: Data security and confidentiality is one of the a prime concern for CIOs today. With growing device agnostic networks with BYOD penetration it is one of the top most issues for every CIOs to safe guard their data and protect networks, while allowing seamless business operation. eScan keeping the growing concerns of CIOs has developed strong EPP, EMM and MTDR solutions, which empowers the system administrators to take control of the data in the network as well as devices by implementing strong rules and policies. Our products & solutions are designed to keeping in mind these multi layered approach, to protect in a layered model from any advance level of cyber threats.

Electronics Media: As now Cryptography is also not enough to secure data so what is the future of cyber world? Should we wait for quantum cryptography?

Govind Rammurthy: Cryptography is only one component of security, whereas the data is kept in encrypted mode to protect from any theft. This certainly provides security to a large extent, but with increasing complexity of the cyber attacks and hackers using complex tools for attack and steal data, it is now a bigger concern. Having said that a multi layered security approach, with stringent rules and policies can thwart any cyber attacks. Such as, if the administrators can be made aware with alerts of a threat coming or emerging, they can take control of the situation and prevent further damage.

Electronics Media: IoT is the next big thing in industry, thus the prime focus of cyber criminals. Is eScan providing any security solution for IoT applications?

Govind Rammurthy: Internet of things only increased the chances of cyber attacks by manifold. Few years back there were only PCs or Smartphones connected to the internet were under attack. But as we increasingly adopt IoT devices in automobiles, to homes, the no of devices needs to be protected for privacy to safety also has gone up exponentially. eScan research & development team is working on developing solutions that will make the IoT devices to be closely guarded as well keep protected from any malicious attacks.