Highlights of the ELIV 2017: All-round talent vehicle – autonomous driving, thinking system and constantly online

Electromobility, networking, autonomous driving and car sharing are the driving forces in the automotive industry. Innovative solutions in the field of vehicle electronics ensure great progress. At the international VDI congress “ELIV” (Electronics in Vehicles) in Bonn from 18-19 October, experts will discuss the latest developments in automotive electronics. In the exhibition area, manufacturers, suppliers and IT companies present innovations and prototypes regarding the megatrends.

“ELIV 2017” – the most important industry meeting for experts in the automotive electronics industry – is expected to attract around 1,700 participants. More than 70 expert presentations and 130 international exhibitors provide information on the latest developments emphasising the areas of automated driving and driver assistance systems, electrical power supply, control of electronic components, connected car as well as infotainment. The event includes automotive manufacturers and suppliers as well as IT and technology companies.

special exhibition focuses on the topics of highly-automated driving and electric mobility – respectively charging. In this technology exhibition, basic conditions such as radar or camera sensor technology, acuratorics, vehicle integration and HMI system understanding are illustrated by showing vehicles and measuring systems. Amongst others, VW presents the topic of ‘High Power Charging’ at charging stations, and Daimler presents screen simulations to understand human-machine interfaces in its S-Class.

As an engineering partner to the automotive industry, IAV focuses on digital mobility, the car as part of the Internet of Things (IoT). The driver will be connected to the vehicle via portable devices or wearables. Thus, sensors record the mood as well as the physical condition of the driver. The vehicle reacts correspondingly, for example, with special lighting settings for activation in the morning. The “Remote Control” gives an initial idea of autonomous driving: here, the driver can use a mobile device to control his car remotely. Some movements with the fingers over the touchscreen and the car is moving as desired. In addition, the digital “Up-to-date. Up to you”-system helps to keep the vehicle up to date through regular updates and upgrades, and customizes it to the user.

IAV, Ground Floor, Booth 10

Participants can experience new technologies in a series of demonstrations at the booth of Socionext, a specialist in image processing, networking and computing technology. Their 360° Wrap-Around-View system meets the growing need for safety: the company demonstrates the environmental observation of the car at its booth using drones. The special thing about this system: up to six cameras collect video data, which composes an algorithm to a three-dimensional augmented reality scene. In contrast to conventional approaches, Socionext avoids a distorted representation of the objects.

Socionext, Ground Floor, Booth 39

Whether steering, air conditioning, sensor systems, lighting or electric drive – the progressive electrification of the vehicle is in full swing. Brose, a supplier to the automotive industry, is taking part in this process: At the ELIV, Brose will be presenting its cross-product engine-and-electronics kit. Thanks to standardized components, this can react to the different requirements and operate vehicle on-board network architectures from 12 to 810 volts. Another new feature is the electrical refrigerant compressor, which only runs as required and is, thus, more economical than the conventional variant powered by the internal combustion engine. In addition, it can be used as a heat pump and can, if desired, heat or cool the vehicle interior before boarding. Additional comfort is provided by an innovative sensor system that automatically opens and closes the tailgate and side doors. New is also a built-in collision protection, which detects obstacles when opening the door and automatically stops the movement.

Brose Fahrzeugteile, Basement Floor, Booth 140

Wireless technology and satellite-based solutions are becoming increasingly important in the course of connectivity and automation. The manufacturers are faced with the challenge of meeting current and future technological developments. The industry is also interesting for mobile companies and semiconductor manufacturers such as Qualcomm. Qualcomm is the leading provider of 3G/4G LTE for automotive vehicles. With scalable, modular solutions, the company offers automotive manufacturers the opportunity to expand existing accessories with advanced technologies.
Qualcomm, Ground Floor, Booth 46

In the Start-Up Area, some 20 young companies present their products and concepts in the field of vehicle electronics. The ELIV app allows the participants to rate the start-ups. On the second day of the congress, the best start-up will be granted a prize and the “Auto Electronic Excellence Award 2017” will be awarded. The award is a prize for young talents, with which the program committee and the plenary honor the best young talents. Additionally, the best speaker of the congress will be determined by an audience vote.

Exhibition areas of “ELIV 2017”:

  • Automated driving and driver assistance systems
  • Electrical power supply / electromobility
  • Electronic components and control units (sensors, EE components)
  • Software and connected systems (Car-to-X, safety, connected car)
  • Infotainment (mobile communication, navigation, telematics)
  • Convenience electronics
  • HMI – operation and display (display, usage, augmented reality)
  • Lighting and visibility
  • Diagnostics, testing, integration
  • Development services (tools for electronics design, software, etc)

Note: The event is held in German and English language. The presentations are translated simultaneously.

Registration and program at www.eliv-congress.de or at www.vdi-wissensforum.de as well as at the VDI Wissensforum Kundenzentrum, PO Box 10 11 39, 40002 Düsseldorf, E-Mail: wissensforum@vdi.de, Phone: +49 211 6214-201, Fax: -154